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Professional Style Deep Frying

By Lise Merle

Listen. Don’t think less of me when I say this, but every food is better when it’s deep fried and that is a scientific fact.

The only thing is, deep fryers are typically little which is FINE as long as you’re:

a) OK feeding your nearest and dearest in shifts
b) OK with it taking forever to heat up, which, again, is FINE so long as you have several minutes between each shift to just stand around and look at your raw, battered food.

(and don’t even talk to me about your silly spinning “Oh it only takes one tablespoon of oil” machines that HELLO take 25 minutes. I can call and order and have that kind of food delivered in less than 25 minutes. This is not a fryer. It is a glorified oven and I will fight anyone who tries to argue)

Life has changed for the better. What I’m talking about? Is the Hamilton Beach Professional Style Deep Fryer.

The only way this thing could get any better is if it was installed directly into my counter top. Maybe in the next house.

For years our family has suffered with what can only be described as a sub-par deep fryer – and the only reason we know this? Is because after using the Hamilton Beach Professional Style Deep Fryer ONE TIME, our poor old deep fryer got triple wrapped in garbage bags and marched out to the garbage can like it was made of stink.

There are many things to love about it, but mainly:

– It has a 5 litre oil capacity. You know what that means? FRENCH FRIES FOR EVERYONE, AT THE SAME TIME.
– It has adjustable temperature. This is great for frying delicate fish and breaded items.
– It has a timer and a bell. No more forgetting your chicken nuggets so ling they come out looking like briquettes.
– The heating element isnt contained in the fryer and this is why it heats up so fast
– The basket collapses for easy storage. And it has a lid. Also great for storage.

Even Mr. Jason, who is famously not adaptable when it comes to new appliances remarked, between popping French fries and homemade chicken nuggets into his mouth “This deep fryer is amazing. Right after we’re done I’m going to get me some garbage bags to put the old one in”.

So there you have it. Husband APPROVED.

The Hamilton Beach Professional Style Deep Fryer is available at ($94.99) or your local Home Hardware ($89.99).

Or the cost of having chicken wings and French fries delivered roughly 5 times.

You, too, can have this amazing Hamilton Beach Professional Style Deep Fryer in your home for the holidays because one of our readers is going to win one here! To enter, simply fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN! Then leave a comment on this post sharing what you would make first in this appliance if you won!


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