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Tickle Me Elmo!

By Brittany Caffet

Do you remember the first time your baby laughed?

Elizabeth had just woken up from a great night’s sleep. She and I were laying in my bed cuddling as I sang silly songs and tickled her belly. She looked at me with the brightest, happiest eyes and let out the sweetest little giggle. It was the best sound I have heard in my entire life. A child’s laughter is completely enchanting and contagious. It can turn the grumpiest or saddest grown up into a smiling, baby talking fool! This Christmas, why not give the gift of laughter? Tickle Me Elmo is back and more giggly than ever before!

Just like Elizabeth, Tickle Me Elmo is one ticklish monster! When you squeeze his belly or press his foot, Elmo giggles and talks. His belly even shakes when he laughs hard, just like your little one’s! He is so cozy and cuddly, something that Elizabeth absolutely loves! His bright red fur really captures her attention – he is so fun to look at and touch! As is to be expected with any laughing monster, Tickle Me Elmo is quite loud. Luckily, there is an off switch on the back that you can flip if your little one wants to bring Elmo to bed or out to an event! This toy is recommended for children 18 months – 4 years old, but my husband and I have had a ton of fun using Tickle Me Elmo during supervised play with our 2 month old!

Elizabeth has had a ton of laughs since letting out that first giggle, and they are all just as magical. I can’t imagine a better Christmas morning activity than sitting around the living room as a family listening to (and joining in with!) my child as she laughs, and Tickle Me Elmo is the perfect way to get the fun started!

Look for Tickle Me Elmo at ($24.96), Walmart ($24.96) and Toys R Us this holiday season!

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