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Stocking Stuffers for Little Ones!

By Brittany Caffet

Each and every Christmas for as long as I can remember, my siblings and I could always count on one thing being in our stocking on Christmas morning… a new toothbrush! It wasn’t the most exciting thing we’d pull out of that old sock, but it was definitely the most useful. Elizabeth will only be 4 months old this Christmas and most likely won’t have teeth yet, but it is important to make an effort to maintain your baby’s oral health even before their teeth arrive. MAM Baby has made it easy for me to find items to put in her stocking that will help in this regard!

The MAM Oral Care Rabbit is perfect for getting your little one used to a regular tooth brushing routine before teething even begins! Your fingers slip right into the little ears, allowing you to easily clean and massage baby’s gums. When Elizabeth was first born a public health nurse recommended I use a washcloth to do this. Even while using the smallest baby washcloth I could find, I found it very bulky and hard to maneuver in her tiny mouth. The Oral Care Rabbit solves that issue completely! The MAM Massaging Brush is great for introducing your little one to a toothbrush. It even has an extra long handle so your little one can help you hold it while you brush!

I absolutely love MAM pacifiers! If the cute colours and designs aren’t enough to win you over, the knowledge that MAM works with paediatric dentists and orthodontists to help design pacifiers that allow for healthy jaw and teeth development might convince you to give them a try! The silicone nipple feels incredibly soft and features an anti-slip surface to help prevent the pacifier from popping out of baby’s mouth! If it does happen to slip out, just grab a pacifier wipe! I keep these in my diaper bag to easily clean her pacifiers and toys while we are out and about!

Elizabeth hasn’t started teething quite yet, but she has started to soak her onesies with drool on a regular basis which makes me think she is bound to begin soon! I’ve started stocking up on bandana bibs and asking for recommendations on teethers. I have a number of friends who swear by the MAM Mini Cooler & Clip! Filled with purified water, you can toss this teether in the fridge or freezer to help cool and calm tender, irritated gums. The clip attaches to baby’s clothes and helps to ensure that the teether won’t get dropped on the floor or lost!

My husband and I give Elizabeth one bottle of milk each night before bed. I was a bit nervous about her having trouble switching between my breast and a bottle, but we have had no issues at all! She easily accepts the SkinSoft textured nipple on her MAM bottles as it feels very similar to my breast. All MAM bottles are very comfortable to hold and feature wide mouth openings which makes them incredibly easy to fill and clean (cleaning is made even easier with the MAM Bottle Brush)! My very favourite thing about the MAM Anti-Colic bottles? THEY ARE SELF-STERILIZING!!! Every new parent understands what a pain it is to haul out the biggest pot you own and boil the living daylights out of your bottles at the end of the day. MAM makes it so easy to sterilize your bottles – it only takes 3 minutes in the microwave! Easy peasy! My one recommendation is to be careful when assembling the bottles. I have had a few issues with leaking, but when I take my time putting them together they work like a charm!

MAM doesn’t only make products for tiny babies! They offer a variety of things that can help your little one as they grow from a baby to a toddler. The Learn To Brush Set includes a Training Brush & First Brush as well as a safety shield to help ensure that as your child learns to clean their own teeth, the brush is never inserted too far into their mouth! The MAM Starter Cup is designed to make the transition from bottle to cup much more smooth! It includes a spill-free spout and non-slip handles – perfect for any toddler who is still working on perfecting their motor skills!

MAM offers each of these products (and so much more!) in a variety of colours and adorable designs. I was so impressed with both the price point and quality of each and every item that Elizabeth and I put to the test! MAM makes it easy to fill your little one’s stocking with goodies that will help maintain their oral health without breaking the bank!

We’ve got a MAM Feed & Soothe Gift Set, perfect for gift giving this holiday season, set aside for one of our readers, along with a selection of MAM products, with a total prize value of $50! To enter, simply submit your name and email address in the form below and then leave us a comment telling us who you’d love to gift this to this holiday season.



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