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They Partner – You Save Money!

My readers know I’m all about saving money. It was the catalyst for the start of Feisty Frugal and Fabulous ten years ago, and holds true today. I’m a girl with an eye for a good deal, and for figuring out ways to stretch the family budget that much further. I love discounts, coupons, rewards cards and loyalty programs. My thought is that if you’re going to spend the money anyway on the items your family needs every day like food, clothing and gas, you may as well save as much as you can or reward yourself for that purchase with a loyalty program.

This spring, we finally purchased a brand new second vehicle for our family of 5. For over a decade we only had one vehicle to carry us from one activity to the next, partly because my husband had a work vehicle most of the time. We had a “clunker” for a few years only used to get him to work and back (too unsafe for the kids, I said, and too embarrassing to be dropped off at school in, my son said) but our family budget just didn’t allow for a second vehicle no matter how desperately it was needed. Finally, we had saved enough and figured out how to make it work and our brand new second vehicle has made such a difference already for our busy family. Plus, it’s pretty cute.

So, when I heard the news that two brands were partnering together to stretch my dollar further, I took notice. Here’s why this is a big deal to me, and should be to you too!

Big Deal #1

Starting on October 31, Canadians will be able to link their Petro-Points card to any RBC debit or credit card to instantly save 3¢ per litre on fuel and earn 20 per cent more Petro-Points on qualifying purchases made at Petro-Canada. That means every single time you as an RBC card holder pays for gas at Petro-Canada once your cards are linked, you’re paying 3¢ per litre less than everyone else! AND, you get 20% more Petro-Points on that gas purchase, and the other goodies you may pick up in store (for me it’s always a pack of gum and a new phone cord because, kids).

Big Deal #2

RBC Rewards credit card holders will also earn 20% more RBC Rewards points on their Petro-Canada purchases. Yes, it’s a win-win if you have both a Petro-Points card and an RBC Rewards credit card (like me!) because you get bonus points on both.

Unlike other loyalty programs where the benefits are limited to a specific card, Canadians will be able to use every linked RBC card in their wallet to save instantly on fuel and earn more rewards points. So, even if you don’t have an RBC Rewards credit card (even though you should, I think!) you can still reap the bonus Petro-Points and save more at the pump when you use your RBC debit card. Amazing!

To link a Petro-Points card to your RBC profile on October 31, you simply need to visit, enter your online banking credentials and Petro-Points card number, agree to the terms and conditions, and that’s it. Within two business days you’ll start receiving instant fuel savings and bonus points when they shop at Petro-Canada with their RBC card. And after that, you don’t need to pull out your Petro-Points card at all when paying with any RBC card because it will already be linked! Genius!

This post is sponsored by RBC and Petro-Canada. All expressed opinions and experiences are my own words.

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