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Perfect For Dad: The Smoking Gun

By Brittany Caffet

My Dad might not be what you’d think of as the “typical” father. He works in the oil patch, is covered in tattoos, and rides a Harley. That being said, he does have a lot of things in common with other fathers! He is very hardworking, loves his children and grandchild with all of his heart, and is IMPOSSIBLE to buy gifts for!

A tool box? He already has 10 just like it in the garage.

A new sweater? He’ll wear it a few times and then go back to dressing in his old favourites.

A ball glove? It will take months to break it in properly so he might as well just keep using his old one!

When I heard about the The Smoking Gun by Breville I knew that it would be the perfect gift for Dad!

My family loves a good BBQ, but it isn’t often that we get to enjoy one during the winter months (which, in Saskatchewan, seems like half of the year)! The Smoking Gun by Breville allows you to enjoy the taste of summer all year long! The Smoking Gun comes with 2 different types of flavoured wood chips and a number of recipe cards – perfect if you are looking for some inspiration! The appliance allows you to easily infuse all kinds of food and drinks with smoky flavours. It’s so simple to use – just load the gun with wood chips, light the chips on fire, blow smoke into a sealed container with the food of your choice inside, infuse, and enjoy!

To put The Smoking Gun by Breville to the test, Dad and I decided to make hickory smoked pulled pork, potato salad, and caesars with applewood smoked bacon!

Everything turned out so deliciously and we had so much fun using the appliance together! Both of us were amazed at the deep smoky flavour we were able to give the foods in such a short amount of time.

Once everything was prepared, Dad had the urge to smoke more foods… so we put some applewood chips in the gun and smoked the potato salad! We tried it (albeit apprehensively!) and it tasted AMAZING! He spent the rest of the afternoon coming up with a list of foods he would love to try smoking in the future.

The Smoking Gun by Breville is the perfect gift for the father who has everything. Dad and I can’t wait to bring it out again on Christmas day and have some more fun smoking all of the foods that we can get our hands on!

The Smoking Gun by Breville can be found at, Best Buy and Canadian Tire for $129.99 and for $94.96.

One of our readers is going to win The Smoking Gun by Breville this holiday season! Gift it to someone under the tree or use it to wow your guests this Christmas! To enter, simply fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN! Then leave a comment below telling us what you would want to try this on first!


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