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Pediped For Little Footsies

Not sure what to get your mommy-group gift exchange partner? What about your sister in law who has enough toys for her little one? Sometimes, it can be difficult figuring out what to get a mommy who loves to buy everything needed for her child. Another outfit? One more toy for the box? What about an adorable pair of Pediped shoes?

Pediped is known for being “the next best thing to bare feet” for infants and children. They really are invested in children’s foot health and have great information and resources on the site for parents.

Through the years Pediped has brought on some new designs, and of course new styles every season.  One thing remains the same, and that of course is Pediped quality.  You know when purchasing Pediped shoes for your children that you’re getting a top quality product that has research and development behind their shoe technology and has won numerous awards (yes, there are awards for children’s shoes!)

Choose from pediped Originals® Sizes: 0-24 months (US 2.5-6), pediped Grip ‘n’ Go™ Sizes: EU 19-23 (US 4-7 kids) or pediped Flex® Sizes: EU 22-38 (US 6 kids-6 youth). More info on sizing can be found here!

Look for Pediped in stores using the store locator here (I found 3 locations here in Regina, SK!) and of course you can shop online here too! Shipping to Canada is only $7.99 (free shipping when your purchase totals $75 or more.)

Pediped is giving our readers to win a pair of shoes from their product line. The winner will simply share the gender and size they’re in need of and Pediped will choose a pair of shoes from their Originals, Grip ‘n Go or Flex product lines! Fill in your name and email address into the form below and click BEGIN! to enter.


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