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My Pretty Little Elf: Hoover REACT

At the busiest time of the year (and we’re just getting started!) we’ve had contractors in and out, family visiting, and of course the usual hustle and chaos with changing from Halloween decor to (soon) Christmas decor. Nothing out of the ordinary for any family, of course, but the house sure sees the results from it when the fall days get super busy.

A few weeks ago I finally purchased a new area rug after a very unfortunate incident with our labradoodle after we gave her bacon – don’t ask, I’m still too traumatized to talk about it much – and it’s helping to pull everything together in our newly renovated main floor. Amidst the fall craziness, my house is coming together to look exactly like I had pictured it before our largest reno in the kitchen started so I’m trying my best to keep it orderly.

Now part of our household, the newest product release from Hoover has become my ally in this task. The Hoover REACT Whole Home Cordless Vacuum leaves no mistake on its capabilities with its title. It’s a feisty little cordless vacuum that can take on your entire household – carpet and hard flooring – because it’s a smarty-pants and has the technology to do it.

The site has a long list of features and benefits for this little guy, but this is what stands out to me after using it in our household for the past few weeks:

FloorSense™ Technology – Utilizes micro-sensors that detect changing floor types and automatically adjusts brush roll speed for the best results on any floor type.

This means that when you’re vacuuming the cereal dust in the kitchen and notice the area rug could use a quick vacuum too, the Hoover REACT’s FloorSense Technology will recognize the change in flooring and the brush roll speed changes to keep up!

It takes about 10 seconds, but you can hear audible difference and know that it’s doing it’s job.

Whole Home Cleaning – gives you the ability to clean throughout your whole home with superior run time, rapid charge time and fade free power. The ONE PWR™ Lithium Battery has a 3X longer run time giving you more cleaning power to cover your spaces and places.

I like the Hoover Dashboard which indicates FloorSense™ or selected mode, Power Level and System Maintenance Alerts to optimize your cleaning. so you don’t get any surprises when you grab and go (which happened *so* often with our old stick-vac, it was frustrating!)

Maneuverability – Features advanced swivel steering to effortlessly maneuver around and under furniture, as well as in tight spaces.

Cleans Up High – Its lightweight design and an assortment of tools, make it easier to lift and tackle up-high dirt and dust.

The Removable Handheld Vacuum detaches for quick pick-ups and effortless access into small and tight spaces and because it’s so lightweight you can also use attachments to clean high spaces as well.

High Intensity LED Headlights – Illuminating headlights make it virtually impossible for dirt to hide. I discovered this quickly in our main floor bathroom when the LED Headlights dutifully showed me the dust bunnies behind the toilet and sink.

There’s a wall-mount for convenient grab and go, but we actually opted not to use it and here’s why – with our other cordless vacuum, the battery connected to the unit on the wall mount to charge, so when charging it was always out in the garage. Since the battery charges separately on a charger you can plug in everywhere, we’ve opted to keep that charger in a corner of the living room and that way the Hoover REACT, with it’s ONE PWR™ Lithium Battery, can be kept nearby for storage (in a stairwell to the basement in our case.) If you prefer a wall mount, you’ve got it included with this vacuum!

If you watched my Instagram Story last week, and after reading this are now even more curious, you can find out everything you need to know about this little sidekick for the holidays (and beyond) at You can shop for the Hoover REACT Whole Home Cordless Stick Vacuum at ($379.99) and you can also find it at London Drugs and

I think this would make an excellent gift this Christmas – husbands, be sure, be very sure, your loved one actually mentioned a vacuum as a gift – or just a great addition to your household during the busy holiday season! A quickly-drained battery on an old stick-vac is a downer at anytime, but especially when you have guests. A brand new, pretty little Elf of a vacuum with an indicator always letting you know what’s what, while effortlessly switching from hard floor cleaning to carpet, makes you and your home look like the rock star you are (speaking from personal experience, obviously.)

Hoover has generously set aside a Hoover REACT Whole Home Cordless Stick Vacuum for one of our readers! Simply fill in your name and email address in the form below and then click BEGIN! Then, just leave a comment on this blog post telling us why you want to WIN! Bonus entries available too to increase your chances! Good luck everyone!


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