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Hamilton Beach Deep Dish Ceramic Skillet

I admit. The colour got me first. Looking at the newest items perfect for gift-giving for the holidays from Hamilton Beach, this Deep Dish Ceramic Skillet caught my eye because of the on-trend colour. I didn’t own a deep dish skillet so wondered how useful it would be to have in my kitchen. It turns out, this skillet is not only gorgeous in my kitchen, it does an awesome job cooking a variety of items and will be pulled out often year-round.

This past weekend, we tried a recipe right from the Hamilton Beach manual included with the skillet, for Caramel Apple French Toast. I shared some of the fun on my Instagram stories on the weekend too! So, beyond this delicious french toast recipe, or a deep dish lasagna, why get an electric skillet?

An electric skillet heats evenly. Your stovetop will give you hot spots in the pan, but the skillet distributes heat evenly. The temperature you set it at is the temperature it stays at which is why you can pop a lid on it and walk away. What temperature on your stove IS ‘medium’ anyway?

A deep dish skillet allows you to cook for a large group (the recipe I shared is for 12-16 people!) without cluttering up your stove. It’s true, our moms used electric skillets in a hot kitchen in the summer months and for large gatherings to free up some stove space. Just like pressure cookers, electric skillets are making a kitchen-come-back, and I’m happy to have one!

People love using skillets for thinks like pancakes and eggs of course, but consider how useful a skillet would be for meatballs, fried rice, bacon (nice deep dish so less splatter), and yes even things like lasagna or grilled cheese!

intrigued? Put the Hamilton Beach Deep Dish Ceramic Skillet on your list, and then tell Santa that it can be found directly at ($74.99), ($72.74 w/ free shipping), and Walmart ($72.98).


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