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Baby Alive Super Snacks

If you, as a mother, have suddenly become a surrogate grandmother over the years to countless baby dolls in your household like me, take note of the latest from Baby Alive this holiday season. Baby Alive Dolls make my daughters (9 and 6) gleefully happy – and at the same time make me nutty – because they not only talk, they also cry, make demands, and pee, just like a toddler. Just the other day my 6 year old was playing with her Baby Alive (a gift from last Christmas) and while the doll demanded a hug, to be fed, and her diaper changed, my 6-year-old sighed at exasperation. “Is this what it’s like having a baby, mom?” she asked.I laughed and told her maybe, but x1000.

This Christmas, Baby Alive has a new addition waiting for our family: Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin’ Luke! Snackin Luke is a little boy with a big appetite who brings the fun to mealtime! He comes with 2 containers of reusable doll food, a mold and a plate to prepare his snacks.

With his special airplane spoon, your little one can pretend to feed him just like a real mommy or daddy. Once he is done snacking, make sure to check his diaper to see if he needs a change! The Snackin Luke Baby doll wears a removable outfit and comes with two containers of reusable doll food, spoon, plate, mold and diaper. Available in three ethnicities too! This is the first baby boy doll my girls have had, and I just know it’s going to be a huge hit when they open it this Christmas!

Look for Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin’ Luke at Toys R Us $29.99, Walmart $19.96, or you can find him online at on sale right now for $19.96!




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