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$150 Mastermind Toys Gift Card Giveaway

Today was one of those weird coincidences where – I was thinking about Christmas (and birthday, my daughter’s birthday is a month before Christmas) gifting and made a note to post on Facebook asking friends where else I could find Beanie Boos other than the two stops I normally check at. And then, upon flipping through the Mastermind Toys Dream Big Gift Guide, I discovered that Mastermind Toys has a huge selection of Beanie Boos both in store and online and one of them happens to be a Mastermind Toys Exclusive! Or, as my 6-year-old would call it, “ultra-rare!” Check one more item off the list for this mom:

Frost the Arctic Fox Beanie Boo comes straight from the Arctic to your arms. Frost has soft white fur, grey paws and icy blue eyes and is just $5.99 at Mastermind Toys in store and online! But, my suggestion would be to grab him fast because Beanie Boos are even more popular during the holiday season and this little guy will surely be coveted.

Mastermind Toys offers free shipping on orders $49 and over, you can use Mastermind Toys Gift Cards online and you can pay by credit card or PayPal! I just ordered First the Arctic Fox Beanie Boo, a Large Pixy The Unicorn Beanie Boo, and some LOL Surprise Dolls while sipping coffee.

If only all my holiday shopping could be this easy! Actually, if you shop at Mastermind Toys and utilize their Dream Big Holiday Gift Guide, you’ve got the holidays in the (Santa?) bag. Here are 5 Holiday Shopping Tips I thought I’d pass along:

1. Visit Mastermind Toys and flip through their online Dream Big Holiday Gift Guide. Unlike a typical guide with a list of toys, maybe divided by age and gender, Mastermind Toys takes it to the next level by highlighting their Pick of the Week (super helpful when you don’t know where to start), this week’s Customer’s Choice (what’s hot, what customers are continually buying), and Just Arrived sharing items that have just landed in store or on the site. It’s a wonderful place to start. Then, you can search by category or simply use the search bar at the top of the guide.


2. Useful anytime you visit, the Gift Finder Tool is especially popular during the holiday season. This is like having a personal shopper at your site when you’re shopping for an age range you’re unfamiliar with.

Having young daughters, I have absolutely no idea what’s hot for 6 year old boys right now, for example, and used this feature when my youngest was invited to a friend’s birthday party last month to find the Stikbot Studio Pro 2.0! And for a small fee, you can choose wrapping paper and write a personalized tag for your gifts.

3. If you are lucky enough to have Mastermind Toys store in your city, you can also shop smart by visiting your local Mastermind Toys store and get help from their friendly and knowledgeable Toy Experts (use this link to find a store location near you!) They’ll be able to offer great suggestions for kids of any age, stage and interest. Bonus: free festive gift-wrapping in every store, and that signature curly bow.

4. I suggest you shop early, as mentioned earlier in this post for the hottest items. It seems like all it takes sometimes is the flip of the calendar to December, a Christmas parade in your city, or even just an office potluck and suddenly everyone is in Christmas shopping mode and the items on your list get harder and harder to find. The shop early advice also applies to time of day especially during the holiday season. If you can, go to the stores and malls bright and early in the morning. Not only will you avoid the crowds but the shelves will all be neatly stocked and the staff is bright and chipper in the mornings too!

5. And finally, my last tip for holiday shopping is to prep the gifts! Buy batteries ahead of time, and if you’re gifting something like a dollhouse, consider building some or all of it before gifting it in a box of pieces Christmas morning. Some items have a ton of packaging and such to untangle before getting to the gift itself, so ensure you have plenty of scissors and patience on hand. Of course, Mastermind Toys can take care of the gift-wrapping for you, so that step can be done stress free.

I’m so happy to be able to share this giveaway with readers! Someone is going to win a $150 Mastermind Toys gift card! To enter to win:

  1. Fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN!
  2. Visit and use the Dream Big Holiday Gift Guide or Gift Finder Tool to find a great gift idea for someone on your list, then leave the link to it in the comments below!

Giveaway ends November 20th at 11:59pm Central Time. No purchase necessary. One entry per family/household. Giveaway is open to Canadian residents only, excluding Quebec.



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