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SwaddleMe Good Vibes Vibrating Crib Wedge

By Brittany Caffet

The first night after Elizabeth was born is a blur in my mind, but a few key moments stand out. Some beautiful and wonderful, others (like her first meconium poop) not so much! My husband and I had the scare of our lives when, after snugly swaddling and laying our sweet baby girl down to sleep, she gagged and choked on some mucus. Apparently this is a completely normal thing, but as first time parents we were terrified! The nurse had a very simple solution to help improve baby’s breathing – elevate her head. She quickly propped up the bassinet provided by the hospital and we had no more issues throughout the night.

We brought Elizabeth home the following evening, and I was so relieved to have the SwaddleMe Good Vibes Vibrating Crib Wedge waiting in her nursery! Unlike the bassinet in the hospital, it’s usually no easy feat to sufficiently elevate a baby’s head while they are in a crib. The crib wedge made it so simple! It took mere seconds to elevate one end of the mattress to a gentle 10 degree angle. With cold season rapidly approaching, I am very thankful to have the crib wedge at my disposal as it will provide me with some peace of mind that Elizabeth will be able to get a good night’s rest even when she is stuffed up! As well as helping to make breathing easier for your little one, elevating a baby’s head can help with digestion! I know multiple mamas whose babies struggle with acid reflux, and head elevation while sleeping can help provide some relief for both baby and mom! This crib wedge also offers 3 soothing vibration speeds that help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep.

The SwaddleMe Good Vibes Vibrating Crib Wedge fits most standard sized cribs and has a very simple, unassuming design. If you aren’t looking for it you hardly notice it – a big plus for anyone like me who spent WAY too much time perfecting the nursery to shove a cumbersome eyesore under the mattress!

At this sleep deprived stage, anything that I can do to provide my daughter with a more restful sleep is extremely helpful! She isn’t sleeping in her crib full time just yet, but I know that the transition will be a breeze thanks to the SwaddleMe Good Vibes Vibrating Crib Wedge!

In Canada, look for the Summer Infant Good Vibes Vibrating Crib Wedge at, Walmart, Toys R Us and Best Buy for around $39.99.


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