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Fall Decor From Avon

Fall decor is totally a thing now. A few years ago, when my kids were babies, I don’t recall any decor on my front step or in my house before Halloween except a pumpkin a week or so before. Maybe I was in that new-mom haze and didn’t notice, but I think it’s only been these past few years that the fall-decorate-all-the-things trend has exploded!

I love it, and am unabashedly collecting more fall decor items every year just like holiday decor. This year, I’ve added some new pieces from Avon – super easy and quick to order and they’ll be wonderful to have in our household for years to come.

This Pumpkin Tealight Centerpiece (reg $24.99) works well on a dining table or mantle and features three removable glass globes sitting on an iron frame. Only for use with battery operated LED candles (which you can find easily now, I had no idea how many stores carry them), this makes a great addition to any decor. In fact, the first night I had it displayed we forgot the “candles” on, so I’m certainly glad they were LED!

I absolutely love my new Set of 2 LED Pinecone Candles (reg $24.99)! They emit such a pretty glow when turned on, but even off during the day they make a perfect addition to my fall decor don’t you think? I think I’ll be able to incorporate this into my Christmas decor as well!

Both of these Avon home decor items can be ordered right now through your local Avon representative and in your hands in no time at all. Don’t have a representative? I find if you ask on social media, your friends will recommend someone pretty quick! Happy (Avon) shopping!

One of our readers is going to win both of these Avon home decor items! Simply fill in your name and email address in the form below and then leave a comment below telling us if you’re like me – do you have a ‘fall’ decorating collection now too?


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