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Aveeno For Baby and Mom

Bedtime was an extremely hectic time around my house for the first few weeks of Elizabeth’s life. My husband and I would try anything and everything we could think of to get her to settle down, but it would sometimes take hours before she would fall asleep and we could crawl into bed and get a few short hours of rest. When we finally found a nightly routine that worked for our family, I could have jumped for joy! This is how bedtime looks at our house now:

Warm bath
Snuggle to sleep

I truly believe that the key to our successful nighttime routine is the nice warm bath and massage. Getting her into a relaxed state before we attempt to put her to bed is key! My secret weapon: Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort bath and lotion.

Both products contain the soothing scents of lavender and vanilla and smell absolutely amazing. They leave her skin feeling so soft and quickly take care of any dryness, something that we struggled with before switching to Aveeno products. The bath has an incredible lather that leaves her so nice & clean and the lotion is completely non-greasy, a pleasant change from many other baby lotions! Keep in mind that these products aren’t exclusively for nighttime use! I love using the lotion to help her relax before laying down for her afternoon nap! I, like every parent, only want the best for my child. For that reason, I am very picky as to what products I will use on her delicate skin! The Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort bath and lotion leave Elizabeth’s skin feeling clean, soft and (most importantly!) healthy.

Aveeno doesn’t only help babies get a good night’s rest! They are also there to help high strung, sleep deprived new parents like me! Since becoming a mother, the time that I am able to spend in a nice hot bath or shower has drastically decreased, but the Aveeno Stress Relief body wash and moisturizing lotion have helped make the few brief moments of alone time I get even more enjoyable! The calming scents of lavender, camomile and ylang-ylang help me get into a relaxed state and allow me to really make the most of whatever sleep I am able to get! One quick application of lotion leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth for days afterward; definitely an asset when you are stretched for time!

Elizabeth and I have very different skin, and I am so glad that we have a reliable company like Aveeno to turn to that goes above and beyond when it comes to meeting the needs of both baby and mom!

One of our readers is going to win this beautiful Mom + Baby Care Gift Basket from Aveeno filled with products to help both mom and baby! Use it for yourself or gift it to someone special!


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