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Classic Comfort Wood Bassinet Giveaway

By Brittney Caffet

My daughter arrived 13 days after her expected due date, which gave me plenty of time to nest! Everything was set up and ready to go weeks before her birth. I would stare at each and every item that we had for her and imagine how we would use it once she finally made her arrival! One of the items that I was most looking forward to using was the Classic Comfort Wood Bassinet by Summer Infant. I kept it set up in my living room, staring at it day by day, and dreaming of my babe sleeping soundly inside.

The fact that this bassinet is so absolutely beautiful definitely contributed to my obsession with it. It is made from 100% solid wood and has a dark walnut finish, which perfectly matched the other furniture in my home! The soft mint green of the fabric is the perfect gender neutral colour, which definitely appeals to me as I plan on reusing this bassinet for any future children my husband and I may have. The bassinet also features an extra large storage basket – the perfect place to store some baby essentials!

Once our little lady made her fashionably late arrival, I finally got to put this bassinet to the test and it was a HUGE success! Elizabeth has been sleeping in it since her very first day at home. One of my very favourite things about the bassinet is the music module. You are able to choose from four songs, two nature sounds, or a soothing womb sound (Elizabeth’s favourite is the womb sound) to help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep. The module also has a vibration feature which has definitely come in handy when she is a bit fussy! The module has a 20 minute timer with an auto-shut off in order to extend the battery life. If I could change one thing about this bassinet, I would love to have the option to have the soothing sounds play longer than 20 minutes. I find myself getting up every now and then to turn them back on for her as they really help her stay in a deep sleep.

I originally planned on having Elizabeth sleep in this bassinet in the living room and in a pack and play in our bedroom, but she absolutely refused to settle in the pack and play. Luckily, this bassinet has wheels that allow us to easily move it from room to room in our house!

The Classic Comfort Wood Bassinet by Summer Infant provides my baby with a safe, comfortable place to sleep and me with some peace of mind! It’s definitely a piece of furniture that Elizabeth (and her future siblings) will make great use of! Look for it at ($149.99), Toys R Us ($199.99), and Walmart ($159.00).


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