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Back To School Germs, I’m Ready For You

You’ve picked up the school supplies, the kids look their best in their new school clothes, and your pantry is full of yummy food for adding to their lunch box. What’s missing?

Being the germophobe mom I am, I know it’s only a matter of time before one of my three kids comes home from school with some sort of bug they’ve picked up now that they’re packed in a building with 500 other people for hours every day. It’s inevitable. While I joke about putting them in a bubble, I realize it’s a fact of life that kids will encounter bugs and germs at school. I get it. It doesn’t mean that I have to take it laying down. Germs, you’ve met your match. Here are three products I’m using this school year and where to get them:

Having long summer days of carefree timetables and fun filled activities replaced with more rigid, high-attention demanding schedules can be both mentally and physically tough on kids.

During these periods of stress, nutrition is key. However, getting kids to eat a well-balanced nutritional packed diet can be challenging at best. Bio-Strath’s unique formula of 61 essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids make it an all-natural super food for both the body and brain. Recent clinical research shows that Bio-Strath’s preparation, made from all natural nutritional yeast, makes it easier for growing bodies (and adults) to absorb than traditional multi-vitamins, which allows
them to get the full benefits of the added nutrients.

Further clinical studies show that Bio-Strath also has the ability to reduce fatigue, promote concentration, improve responsiveness and enhance mental and physical performance to help students ages 4+ stay on the ball all school year.

Most children catch an average of 6 to 10 colds every year. Their increased susceptibility is due to the immaturity of their immune system and its ability to fight the numerous virus strains. Plus they don’t have the same reflexes as adults when it comes to hygiene.

Approved by Health Canada as a safe and effective remedy for children (2+) and young adults for both the prevention and treatment of colds and flu, Echinaforce® Junior is the ideal product to add to your back to school shopping list. It’s made from fresh, organic, GMO free plants and comes in a chewable tablet that’s sweetened with natural orange flavor, making it both delicious and tooth friendly.

Echinaforce® Junior is safe to take daily for up to 4 months, which can strengthen your little ones immune systems and help avert colds or flu by over 50%. 2 When taken as a treatment, it helps rid children of cold and flu symptoms faster and reduces the risk of recurrence, plus their bodies will not build up a resistance with repeated use.

Now this is a game-changer, moms! Every fall I start to get paranoid and itchy at the mere thought of lice in schools. It happens. It’s no reflection of your hygiene or household, it’s just luck how some schools get a terrible outbreak while others seem to keep it minimized. If your family has ever been hit with a lice infestation, you know how awful it is to get rid of. Here’s how to prevent those bugs from hitching a ride in the first place!

Prevention: Ward off pesky bugs from your kids’ heads with one drop of Aromaforce’s Lavender essential oil behind each ear before school.

Treatment: If it’s too late for prevention, you can make your own head lice treatment. Mix 20 drops of Tea Tree oil to 50 mL of a base oil. Massage into hair and let sit under a shower cap for 2 hours before washing with your regular shampoo. Repeat twice, 3 days apart.

Amazing, right? If all of these products sound enticing to you, here’s a pretty cool way to get them for a fraction of the cost:

This Back To School Kit can be found at Old Fashion Foods locations here in Regina, and across Canada, extended until the end of October, at a suggested retail price of $46.99. In Moose Jaw, check Nutters or Alternate Root Organics!

Today, on day 2 of the new school year here in Regina, I visited Global News Morning Regina and shared some of the products mentioned above, along with some other tips for keeping germs at bay or dealing with them when they hit. Like school supplies, it’s better to have everything you need purchased ahead of time so when sickness hits (usually at 3am when you least expect it), you know you’re ready.

I’ve got a Back To School Kit set aside for one of my lucky readers! Simply enter your name and email address in the form below to get started. Then, leave a comment on this blog post sharing whether you’ve tried any of the tips mentioned in this post, or if you’d be keen to try one and why (that lavender oil tip is my new favourite!)




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