Summer Don’t Go – Mark’s Summer Best Dressed List

The calendar flips to August and suddenly, especially for those of us with kids in school, it seems like summer has come to a close. We’re busy preparing for fall sports (Regina Minor Football starts this week, whoa!) and of course all those back to school preparations. The truth is, it’s only August and there’s still plenty of beautiful summer weather and fun ahead. It’s all about your mindset (and a little bit of denial, refusing to look ahead to September just yet!)

Mark’s gets it, and they’ve got their Summer Best Dressed List on their site ready for you, and of course all the deals and sales in store too!

Summer Dresses are on sale, some as low is $20, including the Denver Hayes Palm Print Burnout Dress I featured in this post now just $29.32 along with another dress I featured in the same post:

This Alfred Sung Eyelet Ruffle Hem Dress is just $26.32! I’m debating getting it in another color because I love it so much!

While visiting Mark’s recently, we also found sales in Men’s clothing as well including the new Levi’s Commuter Jeans – Mark’s is the largest multi-door retailer in Canada to have them, giving you of course the best selection in colours and sizes. The Levi’s Commuter Jeans are a must-find at Mark’s for your guy and here’s why.

The jeans have a tapered leg, extra coverage in the back, 2-way stretch, CoolMax technology for moisture-wicking and reflectivity tape on the inside cuff (roll them once for better visibility in dim conditions). Cool, right? I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the reflectivity tape, but it’s not visible unless you want it to be. And then, it’s one of those cool features that can be really useful – think bike commuting to work or evening walks with the kids. Like a superhero, dad is!

Available in khaki or navy blue, the Levi’s Commuter Jeans have a variety of fits for your guy. Priced at $108, they’re the perfect fall wardrobe investment too!

End-of-season (I know, I can’t even handle it) is typically the best time to score some great deals on clothing, especially when there’s still so much season left to enjoy! Happy shopping!





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