Playtex PlayON Canada Grant Program

Earlier this year, I shared information about the recipients of this year’s Playtex® PlayON Canada Grant Program. Playtex® Sport® created the first program to help address the inequality between girls’ and boys’ athletic teams in high school, and I am so happy to be an ambassador for it!

It’s not hard to see the inequality in many schools, and I can recall it in my own schools through elementary and high school. One memory that comes to mind? My short-lived stint as a cheerleader at my high school (don’t ask…) involved borrowing my boyfriend’s white sweatshirt and wearing it inside out so the logo wouldn’t be seen, so us girls could all have matching white shirts for the first football game of the season. For whatever reason, the shirts for the girls cheerleading squad hadn’t been ordered for that year. The boys? Their football team had every piece of equipment and uniforms they needed.

Last year, my daughter wore a boy’s basketball jersey for her track meet. Oversized, and gathered at the side with an elastic band and falling off her shoulders as she ran, we made it work so she could run and compete. It shouldn’t have to be this way.

There’s a lack of funding for all sports teams in school, but there’s a difference and it’s clear when it comes to girls teams and this needs to change. Having the funding available for these teams can make the difference between being able to qualify and attend a tournament, to having a team exist at all!

The grant requests submitted by students and coaches this year spanned the need for uniforms and equipment to team travel costs and facility rentals, from a range of high school sports, including field hockey, curling, weightlifting, and volleyball. The Playtex® PlayON™ Canada Grant Program gave a total of $50,000 in grants with each team receiving as much as $5000! 


NOW is the time to apply for the PlayON Canada Grant Program for 2018! If you’ve watched your daughter’s teams and wondered where the heck the money is for uniforms, travel, and more – this is your opportunity to make it rain!

There’s big news to share too – the grant amount has been increased to a total of $5150 per grant instead of $5000. The application deadline is September 30, 2017 at 11:59 a.m.

Visit to learn how you and your team can apply today!


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