Messy Food Is The Best Food

It’s a saying my sister mentioned once, just once, to my daughters and now it’s something that they will repeat every time we have something deliciously messy even though their auntie Kim is 8 hours away in Calgary. That’s how kids are – they will remember the oddest things, but sometimes those things get woven into the fabric of your family.

We head out to Alberta every summer to visit my sister and family, and have a to-do list of all the fun things we want to do, many of which are from experiences the summer before. I’m trying to pack lightly – we have access to a washing machine and dryer at her house of course – but with three kids life gets messy.

One of the stops we have to make on every visit is actually outside Calgary, in Turner Valley. It’s a little restaurant that you might miss driving by (should you randomly be in Turner Valley for any other reason!) if not for the “As Seen on You Gotta Eat Here!” sign outside. Inside, you’re met with western decor and a down home feel. You’re pulling up a chair as a guest in someone’s ranch house, is the overall feel.

My must-have item is the House Burger, and you can see why. Onions, mushrooms, bacon and cheese oh my! A side of homemade fries is absolutely necessary *and* you need to have a side of homemade gravy for dippin’!

It IS true. Messy food is THE BEST food, and if you’re in the Calgary/High River/Turner Valley area, it’s true that you gotta eat here…er…there.

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