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Meet Douglas! Mattress Review

Have you ever purchased a mattress online? Sight unseen (outside of screen of course), having not touched it, smelled it (it’s a thing!) or laying your body on it? Many people, it turns out, are! And – they’re thrilled with their purchase.

How is this possible? A few things contribute to online-mattress-business success:

  1. A great mattress, well made with quality products.
  2. Easy ordering and shipping (mattress in a box makes shipping crazy-easy).
  3. A great price.
  4. A good and easy to understand return policy.

The Novosbed is and has been one of the highest rated mattresses in North America over the past 7 years, competing with brands like Casper, Leesa & Purple. Now, Douglas, a new e-commerce mattress company based in Edmonton, is a Novosbed supplier and boasts that their Douglas mattress is by far, the most environmentally friendly mattress on the market, and it is also completely Made in Canada (QC & ON). Woo!

Asked if I wanted to review a Douglas Novasbed mattress, I of course said yes. Having just switched our kids into new bedrooms this summer, I opted to gift my sister a new mattress delivered right to her door! She had asked me in the past about ordering a mattress online, and was in the market for a new King bed, so this was meant to be.

When the mattress arrives, ensure you take it to the room you want to use it in, because once you open the box and place the mattress on the bed/boxspring, it will inflate full size – in this case King – and it will be of course harder to move at that point. The first time you open a mattress-in-a-box and watch it essentially “come to life” it’s pretty cool! You realize what a genius marketing idea mattress-in-a-box is: for students, seniors, people moving into a new house, everyone! It’s an easy way to get a new mattress without – literally – all the heavy lifting. Yes, the box is heavy itself, but it’s not a huge King size mattress that you’re trying to move into an apartment. Love this.

On appearance alone, my sister and husband were impressed with the quality materials used in the mattress. Douglas’ ecoLight foam is a 4th-generation memory foam, designed to have the same durability as high-density memory foams with only half the carbon footprint. Using 50% less carbon in your mattress means that your Douglas is lighter, more breathable, and can be delivered using less fuel.

Douglas covers are crafted using sustainable Natural Eucalyptus Fabric. Eucalyptus trees grow quickly with little water and virtually no pesticides. The trees are then turned into raw organic fibre using a 99.5% efficient closed-loop process – which produces almost zero waste. This organic fibre is then spun into durable thread that is used to create the unique cover of every Douglas mattress.

Now the true test – how would my sister and husband like the mattress, and would they end up dragging their old one up from the basement because they didn’t love the new Douglas Novasbed Queen Mattress?

It turns out, they love it! They fully expected to have a “breaking in” period with the new mattress, like you do with new shoes. You know how that goes – you have a sore back for a few nights, you don’t sleep well, you’re unsure if you may have made the wrong decision. They experienced none of this. Not one. From night one they have slept soundly on their Douglas mattress, even more soundly than before.

Their biggest surprise and feature they love is that you can’t feel the other person get out of bed at all. With their old mattress, my sister would get woken up when her husband let the dogs out in the middle of the night. Every time. Now? She has no idea when the puppies go out because she’s sleeping soundly. Just this weekend, they were laying on the bed chatting after dinner one evening, she got up to grab something, and her husband kept talking completely unaware that she had left the room!

If you’re interested in learning more and reading more reviews, visit Douglas Mattress online. The King size mattress we received is just $899 CDN with free shipping, and right now you can save $50 automatically at check out!










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