Sports: Setting Up Your Kids For Success

We’ve heard all the public service messages, we know how sports can impact a child’s live and how we need to get children (I’d suggest all of us) up and moving more.

As a parent I wholeheartedly agree that having your child participate in sports is to their benefit. In fact, I’m the host of a monthly podcast in partnership with inMotion Sask and Saskatchewan Blue Cross called Mom2Mom. We cover all topics that relate to children and activity – whether it’s children walking to school, getting outside more in the winter, or active family vacations for example.

My husband and I don’t have any of our three children enrolled in any competitive or ‘professional’ sports at this point – we don’t travel to other cities or attend huge events to compete. Rather, we’re the seasonal sport family – our rule is that each of the kids must participate in at least one sport per season. The choice is up to them, and this allows them to sample a variety of sports and decide to further train in something that interests them. So far, we don’t have any long term sports among our kids with the exception of our son, at thirteen, entering in his third year of flag football and tackle football.

Nevaeh practicing her cartwheels for Diving Camp this summer

Beyond that, our kids have dabbled in a little bit of everything: baseball, gymnastics, soccer, parkour, we’ve tried it all! Swimming lessons are a must, and they make an excellent choice in the winter months when choices are more limited. The summer months give us some time to try some sports-themed summer camps, which we call Sports Sampling on the Mom2Mom Podcast. I like this because it allows kids to try out a new sport for a week or so, before determining if they want to sign up for the long-term option in the fall. Locally, the Regina Diving Club has interested in 9 year old, but it’s a full school-year commitment, so I thought a summer camp was a great way to – yes I’m going to say it – dive in for a week and try it out.

Beyond the obvious physical benefits of having our children in sports, it also helps your children in many other ways including:

Healthy Habits: Studies have shown that teens who participate in sports are less likely to smoke, do drugs or consume alcohol. I’d also suggest that having your kids in sports keeps them busy and fills some of the free time that could lead to boredom and, let’s face it, risk-taking behavior in teens.

Self-Discipline: Beyond learning the rules and techniques of a new sport, it also teaches children how to work towards goals.

Teamwork and Social Skills: Team sports help teach children how to work together, despite differences in ability and ideas, all towards a common goal.

Improved Mental Health: In an era of excessive focus on appearance, sports also provide an outlet for children, especially girls, to focus not on what their bodies look like but on what they can do.

If you have an active child in your family, a reminder that the 2nd annual Team UA NEXT Canada Powered by Sport Chek campaign to find the NEXT generation of Under Armour athletes is happening right now! Seven to 12-year-old hard-working athletes are eligible to compete to become the face of Under Armour in a brand campaign at Sport Chek stores across Canada.

The 2 winners, 1 boy and 1  girl will join the elite roster of Under Armour athletes and serve as a youth ambassador for the brand. In addition to being featured in the brand campaign, winners will receive exclusive access to Under Armour gear!

Time to grab your smart phone and video camera! Parents, guardians, mentors and coaches have until August 31, 2017 to nominate a young athlete online at Entrants must submit videos throughout the summer showing their passion and athleticism to make a compelling case for why they should the next Under Armour athlete.







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  • A great program. And the article’s a good reminder that you don’t have to be hardcore into hockey or figure skating to be active and participate in sports.

  • This is so true activity helps with the development of kids and I love how you let your kids try something new all the time, it’s better then signing them up long time for something they do not like!

  • I notice a big difference in my son since starting team sports. It is an adventure which definitely encourages healthy habits!

  • absolutely LOVE this program! when i was younger, I was not in any sports which is one of my regrets today. I was always afraid of not being good enough or failing so I never tried. My parents also never put me in anything when i was younger (besides brownies) i will not let that happen to my daughters. my oldest is autistic so things will be a bit different with her but for our youngest we have her in swim and gynmastics and if she wants to try something new, go for it 🙂

  • Sports really do teach life lessons and skills such as perseverance, determination, working as a team and bringing your best effort all the time. I think it’s a great idea to try a number of different sports to see where your interests and natural skills lie.

  • I encouraged my children to participate in sports. My daughter played soccer and my son played, baseball, soccer and hockey. Depends on the child. My daughter rather have her head in a book and my son could not get enough of sports. I do believe that sports is good for them and builds character.

  • I’ll have to tell my cousin about this. He has two kids who are very active in sports, especially ringette and hockey. They would be excellent ambassadors!

  • My sons all got involved in hockey when they were growing up and now my grandchildren are involved in it. My grandaughter is into gymnastics and she loves it. I think its great for kids to get involved in a sport they enjoy.

  • What a wonderful program and it’s also great for kids to get out and participate in many sports so they can find something they enjoy !

  • My daughter played the piano and for sports soccer and swimming and skating. We have a writing stories program here in the summer and she enjoyed that. I never pushed her into any programs; she chose what she wanted to do.

  • A fabulous program. Anything that promotes a healthy lifestyle, teamwork and improved mental health is good with me. Hopefully they have some fun along the way too, with lasting friendships.

  • I think that an involvement is important, although we have a child that enjoys mental activities rather than purely physical, so he may choose one of those too.