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Canada’s Top Toys for Summer 2017

Chances are, if you have a child or have a family member with a child one or all of these toys are either going to be in their hands this summer, or begged for if you happen to be near a store that carries them. ZURU is a brand that knows what’s hot for kids, and what will make them covet them. Here’s what’s at the top of every kid’s toy list this summer. If you’re heading out on a road trip, visiting relatives, or just hanging around the backyard, here’s some inspiration to help relieve some summer boredom or add another element of fun to a family get together:

Fidget Cubes & ZURU Spinners are hot, new, totally addictive handheld toys that allow fidgeters to quietly focus while clicking, spinning, twirling, rolling and gliding their nervous energy away!

I’ve claimed one of our new Fidget Cubes as my own, and we brought one along on our holiday to give to the kid’s uncle, to keep in his pocket at work. Kids and adults alike will gravitate to this toy. Me? I am content to flip the light-switch on it on and off, over and over…and over again. The girls currently concentrate on the ZURU Spinners finding fun and challenging ‘tricks’ to perform with them, beyond the soothing spin.

Bubble Balls are the “extreme sport” where you get inside a giant inflatable ball and knock into each other! They are an exciting new outdoor activity and great exercise too, and I can’t wait to get my kids inside them at the local park. Our weather here in SK has been so hot this summer, that we’ve been waiting for a cool-down day to try them! Internal handles, shoulder straps and of course air vents ensure your kids are safe while they’re having fun.

Micro Boats are water-activated, self-steering, fully motorized micro speed boats that race at 200+ MPH scale speed in four different directions – perfect for the tub, pool and beach! These worked well in our backyard pool, though we learned quickly that little girls with long hair had best keep it back in a pony tail when swimming with boats!

Bunch O Balloons – the best-selling, self-tying, bio-degradable water balloons that fill up in seconds (new for this summer are Minions-themed balloons).

Bunch O Balloons Filler/Soaker – Bring Bunch O Balloons to the park, the beach…wherever the outdoor fun is at! The new Filler/Soaker can fill up Bunch O Balloons or double as a water blaster.

There’s no need to find a hose to fill the balloons – just attach the balloons to the front nozzle, place the Filler/Soaker into a body of water such as a bucket or a pool and make hundreds of self-sealing water balloons in minutes! Even better, you can then use as a water blaster that shoots over 30ft!

We’ve been having a blast with our ZURU toys this summer, and want to share the fun with you! Enter to win:

  • 2 Bunch O Balloons Filler/Soakers
  • 2 Three-Packs of Bunch O Balloons

That’s about 400 balloons in total! Simply use the form below to enter your name and email address to get started!


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  • My nieces are a bit young for fidget spinners, but I think they’d definitely love the water balloons.

  • My child tried a spinner for the first time this summer, and loved it! Haven’t tried the Bunch o Balloons yet, which look so fun, so this would be a super fun prize to win!

  • These are all great items for the kids, my grandchildren are not into the fidget spinners, at least not yet, they would have a lot of fun with the bunch of balloons and this is perfect way to blow off some energy and have fun!!

  • I do not allow my kids to play with the fidget toys. They do not fidget and I do not want them to start it. I feel it is very annoying especially when you are talking to kids and they spin their toys. My kids are into the bunch o’ balloons since it is very hot right now.

  • They haven’t experience bunch o balloons yet but i know they would have a blast with them and mommy and daddy would even get in on it. My oldest has used a fidget spinner and loves it. But she only uses it when her therapist comes over because it’s hers lol

  • We just tried Bunch O Balloons this past weekend, and they are amazing! We had so much fun. What a relief for me. Years past, the kids would lose interest before the fun, as it would take me hours to fill a tub of balloons! So easy, we had a huge tub filled in minutes. I think I may have to try the Bubble Balls, I might enjoy them more than the kids! lol

  • My tween son was all about fidget spinners back in the spring but they sit untouched now. He recently tried out the Bunch O Balloons at a friends house and loved them. The Bubble Balls look like so much fun although I’m sure my boys wold get quite rough with them.

  • YES! She’s obsessed with the fidget spinners and wants one of each colour… I’m not crazy about them but if it’s fun for them… LOL

  • They are influenced by the trends, yes, and I like the toys that they can win here which is why I’m entering. They can enjoy them during the summer time.

  • I like these toys highlighted,i think they are great fun.! My grandkids are big fans of Fidget Spinner/Cube craze, Bunch O Balloons.

  • My son and his friends love their fidget spinners. We picked him him a few in different colours. He also loves water balloons and anything that involves water and outside fun!

  • My grandson had a blast in the Bubble Balls with his friends. He hasn’t tried the Fidget Cubes yet, but I know he would like them.

  • yes all 3 boys are crazy about the fidget spinners, and of course who doesn;t love a good water Balloon fight

  • I am sure that my kids would have a lot of fun with the Bunch of Balloons. They love water balloons. I can’t say that my kids have been aware of the fidget toy craze.

  • My grandchildren live in another province but my son sent pictures of them in the Bubble Balls knocking others about.

  • I thought we would be able to avoid the spinner craze but alas, my husband brought one home and my mother-in-law bought some for at her house. We love buncha balloons too. We use them when we do water event nights for youth group.

  • My granddaughter loves the water balloon. I remember the fun we had my children’s and I playing water balloon fight… We had that funnel we would attach to the water tap, we would fill the balloon and put them in ice cream buckets. Then bring it on… lol

  • My kids love the Bunch O Balloons every time they see them. They each have a fidget spinner from Grandma, but they don’t really seem that into them.

  • I won’t let my kids get fidget spinners (mean mom alert! 😉 ) but my cousin brought the bunches of balloons to a family get together and EVERYONE (young and old) loved the ease and the fun.

  • My kids (and my big kid – aka hubby) all love the bunch o balloons! We’ve gone through a few packs this summer. They loved the minions pack that I got them.

    My oldest is a fidget spinner fan too. My twins like to watch her spin them, but their hands just aren’t big enough for them yet!

  • My grandchildren all have fidget spinners but I have not seen them with any water balloons. The Bunch of Balloons would be great for this warm weather.

  • My kids aren’t in to any of these yet as they are pretty young, but I”m sure they would like 100 water balloons gadget!

  • no spinners, but water bomb balloons have always been a part of our summer fun, and bunch o balloons takes it to a whole new level!

  • Sophie has like 10 fidget spinners. I cannot stand them. I think we would all love the bunch-o-balloons.

  • We love the Bunch O Balloons — we seem to overfill them at the tap and at least a few break before we can get the water turned off. Definitely going to look for the filler/soaker (love that it does double duty) as the balloons are not cheap and loosing just a few before we even get a chance to use them is disappointing.

  • my son has a few spinners & We have used the balloons once, I can’t beleive how easy it is!!!! no more tying tiny ballons every 20 seconds for the neighbourhood kids!!

  • As a special ed coordinator and teacher, I can tell you that the Zuru Spinners were driving the teachers crazy at the end of the school year. If teaching at the end of the year isn’t hard enough, just imagine trying to hold a kid’s attention and then finding him fixated on a three pronged spinner! However as a special ed teacher, I get that some kiddos just need something to fidget with. The fidget cubes are great as they are fairly unobtrusive and yet they meet the needs of a kid that has difficulty in attending for longer periods of time.

  • My son’s went through the Fidget Spinners for a bit but they’ve always liked balloons. Especially water balloon fights!

  • My kids have been on the fidget spinner craze for months and the bunch o balloons is when they ask for almost daily.

    This would be awesome to win if only our warm summer weather returns to southern Ontario.