Have Peace of Mind With Summer Travel

A few weeks ago, in my regular segment on Hashtag Headlines on Saskatchewan Afternoon, host David Kirton commented that, in regards to a parenting topic we were discussing, my husband being a police officer perhaps gave us more insight into the issue at hand. I replied that, in this case and in many, we’re often in the trenches with other parents and are learning as we go as well.

Thinking about our household, I wish I could say that having a policing background gives us a benefit in safety but to be perfectly honest, there is no superhero shield. Our area in the city of Regina has beautiful houses and backs a golf course but that doesn’t make it immune from property crime. In fact, it’s an issue through the warmer months with people constantly posting on the neighbourhood’s Facebook page about their car or garage being broken into overnight. We’ve had our vehicle in the driveway rummaged through more than once.

It’s unsettling knowing someone has touched your stuff. I can’t imagine the feeling a family encounters having their home broken into. I don’t know how I’d talk to my kids about that and ensure them that they were safe. While the chances of an actual break-in may be low, I’m not comfortable playing those odds. I always seem to end up on the wrong side of odds.

This Spring, we are new AlarmForce customers and – surprisingly to some – this is the first time we’ve ever had a home security system. Through our postings with my husband’s job, we’ve been in various communities – one in which everyone left their doors unlocked (which shocked me!) to one where everyone locked their doors and put all the kid’s bikes from the backyard into the garage, lest they disappear over night. Now? I don’t know why we waited so long for simple peace of mind.

Installation was a snap – because I wasn’t the one doing any of it! Instead, we had two helpful and knowledgable AlarmForce employees come into our home and install everything we needed for a secure home this summer. Then, we sat down and looked at how I could navigate my online account at along with the iPhone App.

Included in my fortress home security system from AlarmForce is (it’s still my fortress, whatever!)

  • Keypad panels with easy to navigate buttons which my kids can easily manage
  • Motion Detectors on all 3 floors of our home that don’t at all interfere with my labradoodle’s wandering
  • Door Contacts so I know when my kids have left the back door open when darting into the yard
  • Doorbell Camera which I love love love for deliveries and visits (it has two-way communication!)
  • Outdoor Camera to keep an eye on our vehicles in the driveway
  • Smart Thermostat to monitor my household temp from my bed upstairs or from my sister’s in Alberta
  • Smart Door Locks enabling my kids to not have to carry keys at school, a code will unlock the door
  • Mobile App to operate it all!

I told you it was a fortress! We have had the AlarmForce system for just over a month now, and are still learning about all the features available to us. We can even open our Garage Door using the Mobile App, should a neighbor need to borrow something while we’re away.

Yes, away. How do you feel leaving your household and all your contents when you travel over the summer. It’s always left me unsettled, but now I am 100% secure in knowing that our household is protected by AlarmForce and should anything funny  happen, from a nosy person breaking a basement window to a weird temperature change on my main floor, I’ll be alerted along with the team at AlarmForce. You can read more about keeping your home safe while on vacation on the Alarm Force blog.

Police officer husband or not, you have to admit that’s a pretty secure feeling as a mom to have.

Interested in learning more about Alarm Force for your household? You can click here to request a free quote!

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  • It would be awesome to have something like this, there is so many break ins anymore and especially being done throughout the day!!

  • Growing up, my parents were always careful about making sure no one knew that we weren’t home through timers, mail pick-up, etc. They had a big influence and me and my family does the same now.

  • I’d love to have a home security system, it would definitely make me feel much safer. When I lived in MB many years ago the doors weren’t locked there, which came as a big shock to me but I’m guessing they do get locked now-a-days.

  • There has been at a few robberies in my neighborhood these days. We’ve been considering a home camera for awhile now.

  • My town is a mix of both; some people never lock their doors and have never had an issue. Others lock everything up. I’m a mix of both. I’d never think of leaving my doors unlocked, but I’ll leave my windows open :0

  • This sounds like a great security system. There are a lot of break-in now thats its summer and we should all be able to be safe without an alarm system but that isnt the case anymore.

  • It’s just terrible what’s happening in the world today that you actually need an alarm system. Good luck !

  • We moved into our current home two years ago. It’s wired for a security system but we haven’t nor had the previous owner hooked it up. I haven’t heard of very much crime in our area, but that’s still no excuse for us to let our guard down. The doors are always locked, including the garage doors, even when we’re home.

  • This sounds like a great security system. There are a lot of break-in now thats its summer and we should all be able to be safe without an alarm system but that isnt the case anymore.

  • We have been considering the motion sensor lights and an alarm system. We had a full container of fuel which we had for the snow blower taken out of our shed a few months back. They took the lock also because we could not find it anywhere.

  • I must say that in England practically every house has a security system. My brother got one after they were burgled. Mind you they do constantly go off and that’s an unending screech and no one pays any attention any more, always assuming it’s a false alarm. I think that video cameras and silent alarms connected to a security firms system are the way forward.

  • Great tips! I always get a bit nervous when we all leave for vacation, and ask our neighbours to keep an eye on our property.

  • One weekend we were away and one of my kids posted about it online…we came home to find our house had been broken into!
    Lesson learned the hard way!

  • The last home we lived in was in a really nice neighbourhood, but was broken into on a Saturday afternoon between 4pm – 6pm. We didn’t have a security system at the time, but immediately had one installed, because the police said that the robbers usually come back several months later, because they know that the items that were stolen would be replaced! Thank goodness we haven’t had another break-in, the alarm system definitely is a good deterrent!

  • Always good to have peace of mind! I was in the kitchen not too long ago. I had two bags of Empty bottles on my deck in the corner .Hardly visible from the back alley. I have huge Bay window in my kitchen and happen to look outside. They’re was a guy on my deck grabing the two bags. Not thinking I open the door and said what @)@$(!( do you think you are doing . I was lucky and he left.

  • Security is definitely something that you have to consider these days. I have family that use this company and have nothing but good things to say about it.

  • I had not heard of Alarm Force prior, but it sounds like a very helpful service to have for that piece of mind when you are away from home!

  • We do not have an alarm system but this one sounds really great. I really like the doorbell camera and the outdoor camera. Also not having to carry a key to get in would be so handy.

  • Its a scary thing! I remember years ago when I our house was broken into. Such an invasion, people seeing your family photos and going through your personal belongings. Its important to keep your loved ones safe. Alarms for your home is important.

  • The Door Contacts would be so vital to have in my home. My son has special needs with no regard to his personal safety, therefore I need that notification should ever try to leave the house alone.