Arbonne Fit Chews

I love finding new items in stores and online. Just this weekend, while my daughters sampled the snacks at Costco, I grabbed the bag and flipped it over to see the calorie and macro content for myself. It’s a different world my eyes see than they did a year ago, but I’m so used to it now that it’s become my routine.

So, when I find something that looks yummy, IS yummy, and has some nutritional info worth sharing – I’m your girl. I often post my daily finds in my Instagram stories so if you’re not already following that, you should!

Fit Chews from Arbonne come in 3 flavors: Caramel, Chocolate and Lemon, and are said to provide a quick and easy way to help control cravings while giving you a boost of energy.

Yes, a chocolate bar can accomplish that as well, but not without all the calories and sugar. You pick.

Contact your local Arbonne representative to order ($30/30 chews per bag). Don’t have a representative? The best way to find out, I’ve found, is to ask on your social media accounts!





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