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5 Summer Skin Care Tips For Busy Moms

Just like your wardrobe, you need to change things up in the summer months when the warmer air rolls in. Unlike your wardrobe, it doesn’t matter if your bikini body isn’t ready just yet! Too much sun is bad for your skin, we know this. Over exposure to sun rays can cause premature ageing of skin, and we’ve all seen skin that we know immediately has seen too much skin over the years! Here are some ways you can ensure your skin is protected and radiant all summer long:

  1. Even a short walk to the park or running errands can put you at risk of too much sun exposure. Adding a healthy layer of face-protecting sunscreen in your daily moisturizer into your morning routine is a crucial step. Your favorite skin care brand likely has an alternative moisturizer with sunscreen in it to use in the summer months.
  2. Water, water, and more water! When it comes to your body, mother nature knows best! Stock up on seasonal favorites like watermelon (91% water!) and berries can help nourish your body and your skin. Of course, drink more water in the summer months to keep yourself and your skin hydrated. Fruit in sangria might count, I’m not going to argue you on it! ­čśë
  3. Smooth it out! If a daily facial isn’t in the budget, a gentle daily exfoliating routine in the shower is a great way to ensure softer, smoother and brighter skin. Exfoliating lifts and washes away dead skin cells and cleans out your pores for that awesome post-facial feeling.
  4. Even out your skin tone! Despite our best attempts, sun damage happens. If you start to notice dark spots or splotchy skin, you can thank the sun exposure for it. Use a dark spot correcting product to help tone skin and diminish sunspots.
  5. Wipe the day away! Make-up removing wipes are an awesome product year-round, but especially in the summer because you can use them anytime (take a package to the beach, when your face is feeling oily give it a refreshing cleansing wipe, then reapply that sunscreen of course!) I also love them for travel.

Thanks to my friends at Aveeno, I’ve been stocked up on all my summer skin care essentials and now they’re sharing their generosity with you! One of my readers is going to win an Aveeno Summer Skin Care gift basket valued at $100! Look what’s inside:

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