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Step Into Spring With Premium Label Outlet

Ah Spring. The time of year when you pack away the sweaters and snowsuits, pull out the shorts and tank tops, and quickly realize your children grew like the weeds popping up in your yard and it’s time to shop for new clothes!

One of my pet peeves shopping locally is that, naturally, everyone ends up with the same stuff. It’s not uncommon for me to show my daughter a new shirt I found at the mall only for her to remark, “Oh! Cool! A girl in my class has it too!” Which is OK, mind you, but still annoying. Online shopping certainly helps get some diversity in your child’s wardrobe, but having a local source for unique, yet discounted, clothing for kids is a huge benefit and that’s why I love heading to Premium Label Outlet. Here in Regina you’ll find it in the East end of the city, in Victoria Square Mall. And in Saskatoon, the Premium Label Outlet at Preston Crossing opens May 10th!

Premium Label Outlet has clothing, footwear and accessories for men, women and kids from the best brands in skate, snow, surf & style all at 20-70% off every day! Every trip is a little different because, of course, the store receives new products all the time. One thing that has stood out on every single visit, and is worth mentioning because it makes them shine among competitors, is how absolutely neat and clean the store is. Racks are organized and tidied so well (sleeves tucked into the pockets of hoodies, for example) that you’ll never have to dig through t-shirts piled high and spilling on the floor, or sizes mixed in where they shouldn’t be. The company really pays attention to this, and it makes shopping at Premium Label Outlet a great experience.

On our recent trip just last week, we walked out with a “ginormous” bag of clothes (in the words of my 9 year old) for school for both my daughters, ages 6 and 9. My favorite find was the Silver brand denim shorts for my 9 year old, for $23.99!

We also found Converse sneakers for both girls for $22.50 each! The shoe selection at Premium Label Outlet is huge, and if you can’t find your size, make sure to ask if they have more in the back!

This Dex Sleeveless Denim Dress/Tunic was just $22.40, and there was no way my daughter was leaving without this pink Dex Girls Tank at $12.50 (paired with the Silver shorts from the photo higher up!)

We also found more Silver clothing for kids including this sleeveless Shirt Dress at $17.50! FOR A SILVER DRESS! Yes, I am a happy frugal mama!

Of course, there’s lots of great spring and summer clothing for boys too including Hurley and DC shorts and tanks, so if you’re planning on shopping for the kids, you may be there awhile! Happy shopping to Premium Label Outlet customers in and near Regina, Langley, Kelowna, Prince George, Edmonton and now Saskatoon!

I’ve got a $100 Premium Label Gift Card set aside for one of our readers! To enter, simply enter your name and email in the form below, click BEGIN and then leave a blog comment below telling us where your closest Premium Label Outlet location is! Then, look for bonus entries! Following Premium Label Outlet on Instagram is a bonus, for example (and it’s a great way to see the latest in store items waiting for you!) Good luck everyone!


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