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Rocking a Fashion Trend Before It Was a Fashion Trend

A rather remarkable thing has happened to me over the past year. It turns out that all those wine-drinking couch pants I had in the closet actually served a greater purpose! Did you know that yoga pants, stretchy shorts and cute tanks with built in sports bars actually help you perform better when you’re at the gym or working out at home?



Seriously though, I was the girl with the collection of yoga pants and athletic gear that I did no-such-fitness in, and thought it was rather humorous.

Then, as I started losing weight, running and working out (oddly in that order) I discovered that I had drawers full of great clothing to use. I’m not alone, this I know.

This spring, a trend has emerged and with a catchy name too: Athleisure is waiting for you in stores, and it combines the best of both worlds – great looking clothing that can be worn as everyday wear to walk the dog, go to the grocery store and school pick-up but also can be worn at the gym, running your favorite trail, and at yoga class. Even Wikipedia agrees with me: “Athleisure is a trend in fashion in which clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities is worn in other settings, such as during work, trips to school, or other casual or social occasions”

On a recent shopping trip to Mark’s, I found a whole section of Athleisure wear (admittedly after I once again pulled myself away from the shoes!) Above, I’m wearing Shambhala 100 Wash Yoga Legging (reg $59.99) with Shambhala Light-Weight Stripe Pullover (reg $39.99), perfect for a stroll with my labradoodle or grabbing a coffee with a friend.

More about that 100-Wash name in the leggings – Mark’s Shambhala Leggings have a 100 Wash guarantee against fading, shrinking and pilling! Not that you’ll need to use the guarantee from the reviews shared on this style, but it’s good to know Mark’s stands behind their leggings!

Don’t tell me doodles don’t know how to smile for the camera!

If you’re into hot yoga, the latest barre workouts, or maybe just breaking a sweat carrying around a toddler at the park, check out the gorgeous athleisure tops at Mark’s too.

This Shambhala Keyhole Tank Top (reg $24.99) is awesome with leggings or capris and fits your figure nicely, because of the slight pleating in the bodice. It’s become a favorite of mine and has been washed several times already, and looks like the day I bought it.

Based on the prices and 100 wash guarantee of the leggings, along with the style and selection, I’ll be checking out Mark’s all summer long for Athleisure items, rather than those over-priced other guys. They also have great sales too, to save even more! If you’re not already following Mark’s on Facebook, it’s a great place to hear about all their sales first!










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