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Spring Cleaning Made Easy With Vileda EasyWring

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While every change of season brings with it the urge to clean, purge, organize and start fresh, Spring is certainly the season where the cleaning bug hits us the hardest. Perhaps it’s because those April showers bring in so much mud, dirt, and grime into the house!

This Spring, I’ve been testing out the Vileda EasyWring Spin Mop and Bucket System in my household and I discovered that I, too, can have new beginnings – I’ve discovered that I actually like mopping and this cleaning system when I really didn’t think I would!

I used a mop as the primary way to clean my floors many years ago and then was swayed by, of course, marketing and the promise of “less mess” with dry-cloth cleaning. While a dry cloth works wonders for dog hair and dust bunnies, cleaning a floor with a spray mop – a squirt here and there – would sometimes feel more like spot cleaning than a thorough mop-worthy clean.

Adding the traffic of a husband, three kids and a dog to my floors through the years called for more cleaning products and more squirts with the spray mop and duster cloths. Yes, the cloths are all disposable and while that didn’t bother me much, I wondered if the price vs usefulness was the best value for our budget.

The Vileda EasyWring Spin Mop and Bucket System has shown me that not only does a wet-mop not mean mess, it’s actually quite innovative, efficient, budget and environment friendly AND it gets my floors much cleaner than they’ve been in awhile. This is a win, people, and here’s why…

vileda easywring review

First, mops themselves have changed. The Vileda EasyWring System has a 100% microfibre head which works hard to remove dirt and grime, and then – get this – pops off easily and can go right into the washing machine! The microfibre head itself is good for up to 10 machine washes, but you don’t have to wash it every time it’s used, of course (I don’t).


The exclusive bucket design with built-in wringer allows for hands-free wringing so obviously no manicure needs to be harmed in this process. On that note, the high-quality foot pedal is designed to activate spin wringing, allowing the level of moisture to be controlled. Got an area covered with muddy dog prints? More water!


A nice wash across the living room floor to make it shine? Less water! You and your pedicured toes are in charge.


Unlike a rectangular shaped mop, the microfiber head of the Vileda EasyWring Spin Mop and Bucket System fits into tight spots, which is especially important in kitchens and bathrooms. I even discovered that you can clean the sides of the toilet base with the mop, which you can’t do with a rectangular, stiff, head on other mops.


Because you’re using the Vileda EasyWring Mop and Bucket system, what you clean with is entirely up to you which is especially important in households with children and pets. You can opt to use your favorite brand’s floor cleaner, an organic company’s eco-friendly alternative, essential oils or just water.

The Vileda EasyWring Mop and Bucket System has made me a believer after seeing our floors shine. The ‘ol mop and bucket system has come a long way since your mom’s days, and it’s time you take a look! Look for Vileda products at Walmart ($39.97), Staples ($45.99) and Amazon ($39.97).

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One of my readers is going to win a Vileda EasyWring Mop and Bucket System to help with their Spring cleaning! Enter your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN!


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  • I just having a boring bucket and mop. I always struggle to get enough water out of the mop head before using it on my floor. It gets especially gross when you are mopping a really dirty floor as I use my hands to wring the mop out.
    This would be great as most of my place is hardwood flooring and it would encourage me to mop more frequently. I wouldn’t have to touch the dirty mop head!

  • I hate mopping, but my husband is a different story! He loves mopping and would love this mop to try! We have our 2 yr old grandson living with us and it seems we need to mop all of the time!

  • I am one of those weird people that find cleaning relaxing. Having this new mop would make it even more enjoyable!

  • I hate our old mop and bucket. I am forever wringing out the mop that is always wet. I am hoping this would help me mop our floors better

  • Right now I get down on my knees to clean the bathroom and kitchen floors so a mop would definitely help to make it easier. Would definitely think it would be helpful for cleaning around the base of the toilet.

  • I think the Vileda EasyWring Mop and Bucket System would be great for me because it would make cleaning so much easier! Right now all I have is an old mop! And when I say old I mean pretty old!

  • I get on my knee once a week and try and a couple times a week. I would love the Vileda EasyWring Mop and Bucket System to make life easier.

  • I love the shape of this mop and that it will fit into corners and tight spaces. I would love the chance to try this and go back to a mop and bucket.

  • I currently use a spray mop but never feel like I’m getting the floors really clean. I’ve actually been eyeing up this exact mop and bucket on Amazon for a week or so. I think it would be great to use once or twice a week while using the spray mop in between for spot cleaning. I love that you can buy replacement heads and wash them!

  • This mop system would be great at my house because wringing out the mop after every rinse is a pain. These products would make it easier to wash the floors

  • I’m totally spoiled… My mother-in-law mops my floors!! But she hates my mop (and I do too). I would love this to “treat” her 😉

  • Lol those are your wine glass pants. We have dreadfully dark floors which have little textured indents which trap the floor cleaner and show if I do not mop up the excess properly. I would love to try a quality broom.

  • The Vileda EasyWring Mop and Bucket System would be great for me because I hate wringing out the ole mop with my hands! I`ve actually been planning on getting one of these,,looks so much more convenient!

  • I hate mopping and I am always trying to pawn it off on my teenagers. I have such a hard time wringing out the mop and our mop is so old that it is falling apart.. I’m too cheap to get a new one.. lol

  • I have two little boys that make a mess every day! They are constantly spilling their drinks. Drives me insane! This would really help me.

  • I think the Vileda EasyWring Mop and Bucket System would make a huge difference in my cleaning as I do not have any tools like that. Plus it is going to be faster as I see from the post.

  • Mopping has always been a very messy experience for me, even though the purpose is to clean. I have always had a hard time wring the mop dry enough so it’s not slopping wet. I think the Vileda easywring mop will really do a great job wring out the water and make mopping easy.

  • I use to really love my steam mop! Lately it’s been kind of been hard to push on the floor and causing me back pain. I probably need new pads. So the Vileda easy wring would be perfect for me. Looks like it would slide smoothly on my floor.

  • I love having clean floors but I had back surgery and find it hard to wring a mop. This one takes the chore out of it so I would love to try it.

  • We have a 2 year old and a puppy…our floors are ALWAYS dirty. I have an awesome vacuum but my mop is gross and honestly it probably makes my floor dirtier. I have washed my floor with a rag and bucket of water before and I’m hoping to find something that makes this job easier….and maybe more enjoyable. 😉 Thanks for the mop review!

  • We have hardwood throughout our bungalow and I find mopping quite a chore, this sounds like it will be much easier on my back and hopefully make the floors dry much quicker!

  • Recently I dropped a jar of pickled beets on the lid. The red juice was everywhere and the mop I had just seems to make it worse. I need a mop that makes these messy jobs easier to clean up. Thanks

  • I was using Swiffer but it just got to be way too expensive. We now have a Vileda spray mop with washable head and I love it!

  • I clean on my hands and knees and the shape of this mop looks like it would really clean well, and I can be standing up again.

  • I have laminate flooring in my kitchen and dining room and the mop I currently use leaves it streaky and I hate it, I have been looking at this exact vileda mop and by reading you review I think if would be a great system to have, thanks

  • I use a steam mop for most of my cleaning but a new mop would be ideal for every other week to really get at those tough spots without going down to hands and knees.

  • I don’t even have a mop anymore as the last one I had was difficult to use and clean. So, this Vileda mop would be super handy as it looks like it is effective and simple to use (without having to wring the mop head by hand, bonus!)

  • My mom has a bucket and a mop. But whenever she is using it, the mop does not dry very well so it will almost always leave water or marks on the floor. I think this will help her to have a nice moist mop to clean her floor without leaving water marks or need to use great effort to get rid of the water on the mop.

  • I hate cleaning the house but we have to do it once in a while. I love that this mop is easy to wring so this would be so helpful for my back!

  • This mop makes a boring task so much easier and less messy!, Not having that much success in the past finding the perfect way to keep my floors clean, I would love to try this Vileda product

  • I have tried various forms of cleaning my floors- the bee mop, the Norwex mop and now I’m back to the old ringer mop. HELP!

  • I hate mopping but have to do it daily because of the dogs, all I use right now is the mop that you dunk and press into the built in strainer, doesn’t work the greatest, so getting a new system would be great!

  • Have gone through several Swiffer WetJet’s because the nozzles keep plugging up. Ready to toss it and go back to a mop and bucket.

  • I actually love to clean (when its around the house, one day a week and music is blasting) this will help to make it a fun clean up with spins around the floor while mopping lol

  • I have a swiffer wetjet but hate the smell of the cleaner and it always leaves streaks! i have a mop but no wringer so that just makes a big wet mess. Washing floors is my most hated job, this would help make it better.

  • We mop at least weekly as the floors get so dirty so fast. It doesn’t help having a white floor in the kitchen with a lot of foot traffic! This mop and bucket would make mopping the floors easier with its unique wringing system.

  • I have had so much trouble with mops and buckets. Its to the pointt now that I hate mopping. I think this would help my get my mopping done faster and make it more enjoyable.

  • I usually have a decrepit mop and end up doing most of my floors by hand. The ViledaEasy Wring mop looks like the answer to my prayers.

  • I HATE!!! cleaning my floors. I have never found the right mop/bucket combo. I saw a commercial for this the other day though and think it’s what I need!

  • I would love the Vileda EasyWring Mop as our kitchen floor gets done probably every other day and our current (new) mop kinda sucks.

  • I used to scrub floors on hands and knees to make sure they were clean. When I could no longer do that I went through a series of mops trying to find one that would work for me. I bought the sponge ones that just pushed dirt around and did not pick up, string mops that left strings behind and were hard to wring out, and microfibre mops that would not get into corners and tight spots. I like the shape of this mop for corners and tight spots.

  • I loved cleaning in the past giving the floors a fresh wipe in the morning after the kids left for school. I think the Vileda EasyWring Mop and Bucket System would be great for my household because i don’t have much strength and to wring the mop is a chore i can no longer due !

  • All the mops so far that I had are hard to use, either they have too much water in them or barely any stay in them. This would be awesome as we do have alot of tiles in our house

  • I have 2 kids and things get spilt all the time in the kitchen. It would be nice to have a quick easy way to clean the spills up.

  • With having pups and it being spring have to clean the floors all the time it it’s a pain to ring the mop out nonstop.

  • Mopping the floors is my LEAST favourite chore and I alway put it off till my floors look horrible LOL This mop though looks awesome and just might be the solution I need.

  • I have a regular mop and bucket and it makes cleaning really long and messy. The spin wringing feature would cut the mopping down significantly!

  • I think it would be great for my house because I like to use hot water and not having a wringer attachment for my bucket means I either have to wait until the water cools a bit or almost burn my hands.

  • I feel that my floors never get as clean as I would like them to be. The Vileda system would be perfect for a cleaning solution.

  • I think the Vileda EasyWring Mop and Bucket System would be great for me because my old knees are creaking now and my old mop isn’t looking that great anymore either.This would definitely help to make cleaning my floors so much easier.I like to turn up the vibes for some inspiration but this would be really exciting to have to clean my floors.

  • I purchased a mop/broom system from a direct sales company and it leaves terrible streaks. I would love to give this one a try and see how much better my floors would look.

  • You’re 100% about the dry cloth clean — you’re essentially dusting but it doesn’t CLEAN anything. I’ve gone back to the old sweep with a broom first and then mop method.

  • Really ne d to get one of these. The areas that I need to mop are small but need regular cleanings because of animals and this looks great because one of the most frustrating things is when animals walk over a wet floor.

  • I wash the floors on my hands and knees. With three dogs and a cat, having a bucket and mop system would make things quicker and easier.

  • I think this mop would help me keep my floors neat and tidy when my pets are dragging in all that spring mud! It has seemed like a never ending chore before and I bet this would make it a breeze.

  • I think this would work wonders, it looks like it would clean great and get into every little corner. Thanks for the chance!

  • There are a few reasons but the built-in wringer allows for hands-free wringing makes it easier to wash the floors as no need for you to get your hands wet.

  • I have a hard time cleaning corners with my mop and around the toilet. The microfiber head of the Vileda EasyWring Spin Mop will make it easier to get into the tight spots.

  • I am a senior and do not have a lot of strength in these old hands. It is difficult get enough water out of the mop head before using it on my floor. This would be great for my bath and kitchen floors which are white and need cleaned often.

  • I don’t love mopping, but will need an effective mop to clean the floors now that we have a baby that will be crawling in the coming months.

  • I actually love to clean (when its around the house, one day a week and music is blasting) this will help to make it a fun clean up with spins around the floor while mopping! I have two little girls that make a mess every day! They are constantly spilling their drinks.

  • I currently use an old school mop that is horrible to wring out – it makes it more of a chore than need be! I would love to make my cleaning simple!

  • I hate mopping, hate cleaning but I do love a clean house.
    I really dislike getting my hands wet or get chemicals on them so having a wring mop where the mop and bucket do the ringing and work for me, would be ideal. thanks.

  • Gosh, you name it I’ve tried it. Sponge mop, string mop, removable cloth pad. If you can’t get into the corners, they don’t clean that well. Others clean better but all the ones I’ve had required some type of hand wringing. Not very fun! I love Vileda products and this hands free bucket looks great!

  • I have a Vileda mop and I love it, and this one looks even better. I think this would make it easier and faster to get the floors washed.

  • Cleaning is never great as my mop and bucket are tipsy and awkward. This would make washing my floors so much easier!

  • I tried a spin mop system from a different company which has 2 pails that clip together but I find this quite awkward to use especially since one of the pails leaks. This looks like a more efficient way to spin dry the mop for sure.

  • I’ve only ever used a foam roller mop and struggle to get my floors clean so I’d love to try a different mop. I really like that this one can get into the corners.

  • I actually don’t own a mop…but have been thinking about getting this Vileda spin mop for a while now, it would definitely make cleaning the floors so much easier than cleaning by hand! thank you for the giveaway 🙂

  • I think the Vileda EasyWring Mop and Bucket System would be great to try because I’ve used the Vileda Microfibre Mop with great success, but I would like a mop that I don’t have to actually touch the wet end with my hands.

  • Time for spring cleaning……and I hate doing the floors. I’d love to give this mop a try to see if it could motivate me!

  • This mop and bucket system would definitely help me with my cleaning. I typically do my floors the old-fashioned back-breaking way, on my hands and knees.

  • This would be great for my household because I currently wring out my mop by hand. It can be cumbersome when there’s a ton of cleaning to do.

  • I have just a regular mop and bucket but find with 4 pets, the floors always look blah. I would love the chance to try Vileda’s EasyWring mop. Thanks!

  • I tend to use a steam mop on my floors and it never gets all the dirt off. This one looks like it could give more scrubabilty.

  • I love that the Vileda EasyWring Mop and Bucket System makes it easy to wring out the water on the mop. I personally hate mopping but I think if I had this system … I may actually do it more often.

  • I often have a lot of difficult with mopping my laminate flooring; I’m hoping this system would help with that!

  • I have a dog who loves to leave grubby little paw prints on my kitchen tiles and I have a crappy little sponge mop that I’ve been using for AGES! Would love to have this mop whip my tiles into shape and make them sparkle way better than my sponge mop ever could! HELP! Haha

  • One of our cats likes to pee on the front porch, he’s not ill, he’s just an a-hole. It’s a pain to use a regular mop because we cant wring it out enough to not soak the entire floor of our tiny porch!

  • i was a swiffer user for a long time, but have recently switched to a yacht mop but not the Vileda one!! I would love to have this in my home & not have to touch the actual mop part. Thank you for the chance.

  • This would be perfect for around my house as I have hardwood flooring on the main floor. With 4 kids and 4 dogs there is a lot of cleaning to be done.

  • I do not even own a mop or bucket , I have a cloth and bowl and use my hands and Knees to clean my floors, so a mop would be a blessing , having one period, sick of hand washing.

  • I have been using a swiffer thingy, an then resorting to hands and knees to scrub. Hopefully this would prevent that.

  • Its difficult for me to mop with my current mop and bucket because its difficult for me to wring the mop out. I really think the easy wring will be so helpful in our house

  • i find mopping with my mop and bucket a chore,not one of my favourite cleaning chores! i had a spray mop but it broke….The Vileda EasyWring Mop and Bucket System looks like a great mopping system, would be great to try to make mopping easier!

  • I don’t mind washing the floors what I really do not like is laundry lol this would help out with me not having to wash the floors on my hands and knees

  • Ugh, I do not like cleaning the floors – between that and dusting, they are my least 2 favourite tasks. I try to get my husband to do the floors for me – he is usually okay with it, thank goodness. The Vileda EasyWring Mop and Bucket System would be great for my household because a piece of the handle just broke off our current mop, and while we can order a new part, it pretty much costs the same as buying a whole new mop because of the shipping costs. I’d rather try a whole new set like this one instead! I love that it’s a system instead of separate pieces!

  • We just moved into a new place and it’s 50/50 for hard flooring and carpet. Our last place had so little flooring that we never needed a mop. I love the foot pedal on the bucket. I think the design is unique and we would definitely get a lot of use out of it in our new place.

  • I do a lot of my floor cleaning on my hands and knees still. I hate previous types of mops that always just seem to spread around the dirt.

  • I would love to win the Vileda EasyWring Mop and Bucket! It would make cleaning so much easier. My hands are feeling the effects of always wringing out my big old mop

  • I hate hate hate mopping, all the wringing and water changing…ugh. I think this mop would make my life much easier!

  • I use the old style mop in a bucket (hard to rinse the dirt off when you have to put on gloves to squeeze the water out)- always buying new mop.

  • This looks like there would be less spills with this setup! Great mop and bucket! Wringing out the mop looks very easy! The mop looks soft also so it would be great on all surfaces with no scratching.

  • The absolute worst part of mopping the floor is wringing out the mop. I like a clean floor and this would be the right choice so that I could do it more often and have fun when doing it.

  • My old mop makes it hard to clean tight areas but with the Vileda EasyWring Spin Mop and Bucket System I would be able to reach all areas in my house and make cleaning a lot easier!

  • This year because of lots of snow and rain, ur little,furry girl wanted always to go out coming back with wet feel all around the house that I don’t mop as I don’t have that kind of mop, this will help and most of all there’s a bit of water around the house that will help this clean more and absorbed it for easier cleaning up.I need this badly. Thank you for sharing this

  • We have a big dog who loves to dig in the mud .. so mopping is an everyday occurrence in my house . I use a sponge mop currently but would love to try the vileda …. it looks great and much easier !

  • mopping the floors is not my most favourite thing to do I need a mop system like this in fact I have had my eye on this for awhile


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