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My New Butler: The Hoover Quest 1000

Not all robotic vacuums are the same. I’ve learned that x1000 with the addition to the Hoover Quest 1000 to our household. We actually had another robot vacuum years ago, but the novelty quickly wore off when there were more things that irritated me about it than pleased me. Talking to friends, and looking on local used product sites, I know I’m not alone. The idea of a robotic vacuum for busy families is a great one, but if the product is inefficient it quickly starts to collect dust and gets put away in a box in the garage, like our old one.

Hoover Quest 1000

Introducing the Hoover Quest 1000! I have named him The Butler for obvious reasons. This is a screenshot from my smartphone – the Hoover Quest 1000 had me as a fan before taking it out of the box when I discovered that I could operate it from my phone. Like many other household devices, moving to capatability with a smartphone makes it not only more user friendly but more used in a household. Sure, part of it is a novelty in the beginning, but what I discovered with the Hoover Quest 1000 is that because it’s so easy to simply tap and start from my phone, I tend to use it for a quick clean-up of my main living area, while I’m busy scrolling Instagram.

Hoover Quest 1000 review

Technology is fascinating don’t you think? After cleaning is complete, you can get an actual map of the areas covered too! Of course, the mechanics on how exactly The Butler gets my floors clean isn’t as important to me as the fun technology, but it’s worth noting too:

hoover quest 1000

We’ve had great success with the Hoover Quest 1000 on both hardwood and our area rug; and for someone who loves those freshly vacuumed rug lines, the Hoover Quest doesn’t let me down! It, almost methodically, cleans in a nice uniform pattern on the rug.


Throughout its use in the past four months in our household, the Hoover Quest 1000 hasn’t let me down once. The advanced Lithium-ion battery gives it 120 minutes of run time before it needs a charge, not that it cleans my floors for that long at all, but it’s good to know that it can take on additional cleaning minutes if I bring it to another floor of the house. If, in fact, the battery does get low, you won’t come home to find the Hoover Quest in 1000 in the middle of your room. Like us, it knows when it needs a good nap to recharge and dutifully returns to its charging dock when needed, only to return to its last cleaning spot afterwards. Amazing!

Curious to learn more? You can watch this video to get all the features and benefits of the Hoover Quest 1000 to help in your purchasing decision:

The Hoover Quest 1000 can be purchased directly from at a suggested retail price of $899.99, and you can also find it at Canadian retailers like Canadian Tire, and!



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