Life in Beeps

I love the digital era we’re in, how social media is used to engage an audience but also work hand in hand with advertising to tell a story. Think about some of the most viral videos an ads online – they get shared and are watched by millions because they resonate with people. When I see a video like that online, I want to share it too and open up the discussion. I love when a video makes me think.

Watch the video above, and then tell me it didn’t give you pause to think about those moments in your life defined by sounds. Often, people say that certain scents evoke strong memories and take them back to a specific place in time, but I’ve never given a lot of thought to how audio cues do that as well.

Sounds that take me back:

~ A Baby’s Heartbeat on an Ultrasound Machine – perhaps one of the most beautiful sounds in my life, there was a time when the machine didn’t show one which while devastating made me love and cherish that sound so much more with my three healthy babies.

~ The Chime of an Old Cuckoo Clock – my grandmother had one in her house, and hearing one now – 17 years after she has passed away, reminds me of her every time.

And yes, watching this video from INTERAC Flash, it resonates. All those background sounds, all those moments, play into the soundtrack of our lives. Life moves so fast (my youngest is just completing Kindergarten this spring when I feel like I just heard that beautiful heartbeat on the ultrasound) and when people say it goes by in a flash, it’s true! Life is busy, and anything that helps me get through the day to day chaos so I can spend less time in the daily struggles and more time with snuggles (bumper sticker coming soon, that was good right?) helps. INTERAC flash makes my days easier and because of that I’m a big fan (I am that mom in conversation in the grocery check-out marveling at its ease, hi!)


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