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Life Hack: BigSteelBox


The career our family (because it IS a family venture) embarked on over ten years ago with the RCMP came with many unknowns, some of them scary of course, but also some very clear maps on what our life would be like. Upon graduation from RCMP Depot in Regina, families were invited to a talk by a facilitator who gave us a glimpse into what life could or would be like. The one message I remembered clearly from that day over a decade ago was that at times our lives may be like a fishbowl. In some ways, and especially in our first posting in small-town Saskatchewan that was the case, but thankfully not so much after that.

Other parts of our RCMP life that all member’s families experience is certainly being the new kid on the block. Transfers every few years are very much a part of a career in the RCMP. We understand that the house we may have purchased may not be the house you live in for more than a few years, that the garden you tended and weeded will soon be in someone else’s hands, and the best friends you’ve made may soon become a Facebook acquaintance. Yes, the RCMP career is really one that the whole family embarks on.

Of course, we’re not the only type of family that moves frequently in Canada. Military, federal employees and many other professions move where the job takes them. Some families stay in the same household for twenty years, and then decide it’s time for a change. Whatever your family dynamic, when a move presents itself it can certainly be overwhelming no matter how experienced you are.

I have often shared the story with friends about a humorous experience with my realtor on our last move. Ahead of her first visit to our house, I organized as best I could. I stacked my multiple storage totes as best I could, I organized the boxes of review products set aside, I cleaned the house and tried my best to organize our toy room. Upon walking into the lower level of our bi-level house, I explained to her that I had a lot of household items, despite purging just four years earlier with our last move. She looked around, looked at me, and then said, “….have you ever considered a storage locker for your extra items before we show your house?” Ouch.

And so, that’s what I did. My husband loaded up a ton of household items – baby cribs, electronics, clothing and more and locked it up in a (very small) storage locker. The contract we signed stated the location was not responsible for any lost or stolen items, which made my stomach turn at night knowing they were there. What if my wedding dress was stolen? What if we forgot to lock it upon leaving? Thankfully, everything worked out and our house had a very quick sale – must be because it was so clean and empty right? We quickly emptied out the locker and put the items in our garage rather than back in our basement, as we waited for our moving date. It wasn’t the best solution, but it was the best we could do at the time.


If only I had known about BigSteelBox then! Imagine being able to pack your belongings, at your leisure, in a BigSteelBox ahead of your move, and then having the entire storage container moved when you’re ready. This would be the time to start removing clutter from your home, but also still have it available nearby should you need it. Realtors recommend removing clutter items like framed family photos, books, collectables, hobby items and boxes of out-of-season clothing as a start. Need that heavier jacket when spring weather surprises you? It’s still nearby in your BigSteelBox. I love this!

The BigSteelBox can stay right at your house on your property or at an off-site location. The contents of an average 2 to 3-bedroom home will fit in one 20′ storage container. I absolutely love that home owners can load it up at their own pace and then have it picked up and moved when ready.


Of course a home move isn’t the only reason to use a BigSteelBox. Last year we finished our basement, which meant once again moving everything into our garage and subsequently not being able to park in our garage for several months. Having a BigSteelBox in our driveway or beside our house would have been phenomenal to have for our renovation project.

Moving is stressful, and a solution like BigSteelBox can help with that drastically. You can pack and move on your terms, knowing you’re in control of a situation where it seems like everything can spiral out of control quickly (been there, done that!)

If you can think of a situation where you could use a BigSteelBox anywhere in Canada, you can click here to request a quote!


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