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Fresh As a Daisy

AVON giveaway

This spring, all things fresh and fruity are a win with myself and my two daughters. Avon always has products that I can share with my girls, and here are a bunch for your home that you can share this spring!

Avon MMM…Candy! Body Mist (regular price $12) comes in 3 luscious scents: Strawberry Blush, Radiant Raspberry and Juicy Pear all with descriptions so mouthwatering I can’t wait to try them all.

Strawberry Blush: Essence of strawberry, cotton candy and musk.
Radiant Raspberry: Raspberry nectar, sugared icing accord, and creamy vanilla.
Juicy Pear: Juicy pear, pink freesia and spin sugar essence.

Avon Senses Hand Soap (regular price $10) also comes in 3 scents and look lovely on your sink cabinet, different from the usual brands your girlfriends pick up at the mall.

Fresh Cucumber & Melon: Crisp cucumber and juicy melon.
Juicy Pomegranate & Mango: Juicy pomegranate and succulent mango.
Silky Vanilla: Comforting vanilla and brown sugar.

Look for these and more products online at! Don’t have an Avon representative in your neighbourhood? I bet you do! The easiest way I recommend to find one is to simply post on your social media that you’re looking – friends are always happy to recommend someone they know!


I’ve got all six of the products shared above to give away to one of my lucky readers! Just enter your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN! There are lots of bonus entries available too!


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