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I had a smile when I looked back at the photo from this post of my Jamieson Essentials vitamin package (now torn open like an Advent calendar!) and the words across it: Better health is simple. Just take it one day at a time. Get it? Vitamins once daily? I love advertising when it works!

It’s the absolute truth, something I have learned in the past ten months and wholeheartedly believe. Making a lifestyle change is not something that:

X happens overnight
X results in something measureable immediately
X takes zero effort
X is easy

The good news, though, is that a lifestyle change can and will result in real change it you look at it in small steps over time, and know that a quick fix isn’t the way to go. While the idea of eating better, living healthier and maybe even losing weight seems like a huge task out of the gate, it’s truly not if you look at it sensibly (which, unfortunately, the diet industry doesn’t do well.)

The first step you can take is one your mother told you as a child: take your vitamins. 44 per cent of Canadians are unsure if they are taking the correct vitamins and supplements to suit their needs and a whopping 31 per cent do not take them at all for this reason. 61 per cent of Canadians agreed that when it comes to taking supplement they wish someone would clearly identify what they needed to take.

jamieson essentials

With nearly 100 years of experience, Jamieson’s team of experts have done the work for you and identified Multivitamin, Omega-3, Probiotics and Vitamin D as the four products Canadians should take every day as a foundation for healthier living. These four Essentials provide a perfect foundation to baseline health, targeting your digestive, heart, bone and whole body health. I embarked on a 21 day test of these four products, which also took me through a family vacation in Mexico, and wanted to share my thoughts on it after with you.

A Multi-Vitamin is always a basic and essential part of your vitamin regimen so this was a simple way to start. I don’t eat any seafood at all, so I know how important an Omega-3 is (I liked that this one is extra-strength!) Beyond going to Mexico, the rest of the winter means very little sunshine on my skin so Vitamin D was another no-brainer for me. And finally, let me tell you how happy I was to have a Jamieson Probiotic with me on our trip. No one got sick during our vacation, but I thought it was imperitive to have a Probiotic with me. I can’t of course say that it made all the difference between getting a surprise stomach issue but I’m sure glad I didn’t!

After my 21 day experience, I’m going to continue with all four products from Jamieson Essentials, because they all make sense to me. Will they make me a supermodel? Not unless seafood has been the magic ingredient my body needed to make that happen. The Jamieson Vitamins will, however, work as part of my overall healthy living goal and be part of the small steps needed to achieve it.

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  • lifestyle changes can definitely seem daunting if you see it as “never again” or “from now on…”, but it is totally manageable and WORTH IT to go one day at a time 🙂

  • Small steps and great vitamins like Jamiesons can really help to achieve my goals.I have been using these vitamins for quite awhile and love them.Thanks for this great feature.I found it very inspiring too! 🙂

  • Hubby and I quit smoking last year and since then I have been trying to get healthy, I now take daily supplements and go for a long walk every day!

  • I really need to get back on track with my vitamins. I used to be good but recently haven’t been taking them at all! Next grocery run they will be on my list!

  • I agree with this completely. I don’t take any vitamins because I don’t know what i need or where to begin

  • These are my basic vitamins too. I eat well but it’s really hard to get enough of every vitamin and nutrient just through food!

  • I should eat better and move more, plus I take my vitamins when I remember, I am not the greatest at this keeping fit and active life style!!

  • I love the Jamiesons B12 spray and their Vitamin D3. I must confess I do not use my yoga mat as much as I should – not even once a week.

  • I’ve been taking multi vitamins, calcium with vitamin D and some others for many years. As for diet and exercise I’m not that great at it but I do try to have a healthy diet but my sweet tooth gets me cheating.

  • I’m terrible at being patient when I start a new eating regimen. Too impatient. I’m trying to watch carbs/sugar, but definitely need to get myself into better habits and be a bit more patient.

  • We are such a instant gratification society these days…….we expect everything to happen with little effort. I realize now, more than ever, as I get older that I have to work more at things that used to happen way easier. They take longer (much longer in some cases) to finally net results but are definitely worth it in the long run.

  • I agree, lifestyle changes have to be made slowly and in small incremental steps. We’ve been taking Jamieson vitamins for many years, but haven’t tried the Jamieson Essentials line yet. Thanks very much for the helpful review.

  • Congrats on your successes in your journey to health. I just started my journey in February and our whole family is benefitting from eating healthier and losing weight.

  • Everytime i try to make a change i fail, and i think its because i do what you said, I have to eat healthier, then go crazy and cut it all out. Now i am taking a slower approach. I usually don’t eat breakfast. Trying to eat fruit. Slowly adding a veggie into every meal. Trying to cut down on fast food. Slower is better

  • I am making many lifestyle changes this year. I have 3 years to do everything I want… I quit smoking, I am on a vitamin/supplement for more exercise and weight loss

  • You just can’t expect changes overnight. It doesn’t happen that fast but is well worth the wait in the long run. You are doing great.

  • I take a daily multivitamin as well as and Omega3 tablet. However, I’m missing out on the Probiotics (which I try to consume by eating yogourt) and the Vitamin D too.

  • I am also an advocate for taking vitamins on a daily basis. Jamieson is a brand that I trust. I have a container with LARGE compartments for each day of the week. I fill them on Sunday morning and then I’m good for the whole week. No guessing whether I took a vitamin or not ….. just check the compartment for that day.

  • I noticed that I am not feeling up to par lately and I can’t seem to get myself motivated as easily, so I think I need to recommit to ME!


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