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Get Out There! {Skechers Athletics Giveaway}

Do you ever just surprise the hell out of yourself? Do something so far outside of your own comfort zone that it leaves you breathless, stomach full of butterflies?

If I didn’t get a picture, did it really happen? I had to. Yes, I asked my trainer to take a photo today, documenting my first time in a gym EVER. At forty. I worked through my first strength training session today. After losing 28 pounds I’m definitely thinner, but not toned and definitely not strong. We worked on arms today, and I’m 100% confident tomorrow I will behave like a tyrannosaurus rex, keeping my arms very close to my body and unable to lift anything. In fact, I’m unsure how I’ll manage my nail appointment! Through the entire session today I kept pointing out my weakness. How the 8lb dumb bells were a little intense, and how I couldn’t do all the reps with the 10lb. I pointed out how weak my “chicken little arms” are. I struggled with moving from a 20lb to 30lb barbell and again pointed out my weakness. I hated every time I did it, and perhaps next time will try and shut up the stupid voice in my head that feels the need to defend my current abilities. Thankfully, my trainer kept correcting me and reminding me it was my very first time, and that I would get better, lift more, and tone up. After all, that’s the whole point. Getting fit, losing weight, learning to love yourself and push your body is a complete mind {%^& don’t you think? The work shows on your body but the mind needs a helluva lot too. I walked in the door. I did an actual workout. I went to the gym today. #yqr #sask #mommyblogger #lifestylechange #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #fitmoms #fithappens #fitnessjourney #momof3 #momblog #thisis40 #gym #confidence #canadianblogger

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That was me, just this week, stepping into a gym for the first time in my life. I was ‘skinny’ most of my life, but never athletic. In junior high I used that as a laugh, in high school I used period cramps as an excuse not to participate in gym class until it wasn’t mandatory. Once I had kids, one, then two, then three, the weight slowly crept on as it often does (the more for kids to hug, I’d say) and while I never thought of myself as fat, I certainly noticed the 20+ pounds and the need to buy bigger clothes.

And so, I decided almost a year ago it was time to do something about it. As always, I wanted to do this on my own (no groups or teams for this girl) and started learning about nutrition, healthy eating, and yes calorie counting. A simple equation of your calories in being less than your calories out made sense. And so, while cutting out almost daily fast-food drive through trips, I also started walking, attempted running (failed), and then purchased a second-hand treadmill and started the Couch To 5K Program (I used the Zen Labs App, for those curious).

I learned about proper running form and breathing, especially when learning to run. The overall message from Couch To 5K was to take it slow, you should be able to run while having a conversation, not breathless and gasping for air. Since I use my treadmill alone, I sing along to the music to ensure my pace is OK.

Now that I’m (despite the photo) timidly making my way into the gym, it was time for new footwear, as my previous shoes (Skechers of course) were for use indoors on my treadmill only. How lucky was I to have had a brand new, shiny new, pair of Skechers Flex Appeal 2.0 – Break Free shoes waiting in a box for me!

12757_BKWThese shoes feature “Soft heathered jersey knit fabric upper in a lace up athletic sporty training sneaker with stitching accents and Air Cooled Memory Foam insole.” I love the Skechers Flex Appeal line, because the shoes are ridiculously lightweight while still cushioning my feet. Before Skechers, I had not been a fan of running shoes. Aside from the fact that I didn’t actually run in them, I found most runners to be clunky and awkward on my feet. Skechers Flex Appeal 2.0 feel like any other shoe I’d wear daily and in fact  – now I do!

12757_GYLBAvailable in a variety of colors including this grey/light blue version that I’m eying up next, you know you’re choosing quality and superior design in an athletic shoe when you look at the Skechers product line. I love that I know, without a doubt, I’m a size 8.5 in all Skechers so I can easily order them online if the local stores don’t have the particular color or size in stock. Look for Skechers at stores like Sport Chek, SoftMoc, The Bay, Sears, Town Shoes, and of course Skechers retail stores if you have one near you!



Skechers has generously offered the opportunity for 2 of my readers to win their choice of Skechers Sport shoes from their product line! To enter, simply enter your name and email address in the box below, click BEGIN and follow the prompts! Good luck everyone!


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