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Family Reunion Ideas {And A Huge Giveaway From Catelli!}


When was your last family reunion? More than eight out of ten of us want connect in person more often. Yet, cash, distance and lack of time are the top reasons that prevents us from reuniting. If you’re like me, you probably muse with a few favorite relatives on Facebook how we “should really get together this summer,” but it doesn’t happen.

This summer, why not consider just going for it – picking a weekend and putting together a reunion and sending out the invites? In most cases, it just takes the initiative for someone to take that first step and select the date and location – if you keep it very low key, things will fall into place!

What defines family in 2017? The definition of a family reunion has changed along with the very definition of family. While the traditional family reunion involves multi-generational loud, boisterous get-togethers, a family reunion can be whatever you make it.

Perhaps your best friends, spread out because of jobs and kids, are really your sisters at heart. Maybe it’s time to bring everyone together for a great weekend of friendship along with the chaos of kids and husbands added in.

Or, while you see your aunts and uncles at family events from time to time, it’s been ages since you’ve seen your adult cousins who have schedules like yours that make it easier to bow out of those holiday events. Why not plan a cousin reunion?

Whatever family means to you, a reunion involves the same principles – a group of people coming together at a location (preferably outside in the summer) to share a meal, take photos, and swap stories. See? It’s not that overwhelming when you break it down like that.

If you’re the one deciding to get that ball rolling – congrats, you get to pick the location! Choose a local park or community area (inquire if you need to advise anyone ahead of time to get the spot), determine a theme if any, research accommodations for people coming from out of town, and know ahead of time what’s needed when people inevitably ask, “What can I bring?”

A potluck is best, this way everyone can bring a favorite appetizer, entree or dessert, and lawn chairs are essential in most cases as well.

Congratulations, you’re well on your way to planning a family reunion this summer!

This year, like Canada, Catelli is turning 150 years young. In 1867 an Italian immigrant, Carlo Onorato Catelli opened the first pasta plant in Canada, making two products by hand. Over the years, Catelli has grown with Canadians’ tastes and now has over 80 products to meet our needs – including Smart Veggie, Gluten Free, Supergrains and the latest – Ancient Grains.

This year Catelli asked Canadians across the country to share their food inspirations:

– 78 per cent of us (MB/SK) want to cook with more fresh, local or regional ingredients.
– When making a meal for a family get together more than a third of us say guaranteed delicious is a must and want ‘tried and true’ recipes. (37% for both in MB/SK)
– Only 11% are willing to test-drive new and unique meals

This insight inspires the Catelli 150th Anniversary Recipe Collection – a round-up of 12 delicious, Canadian recipes prepared by the Catelli family network of chefs, foodies and wellness experts to help you host your next family reunion.

Test-drive this simple and delicious Anniversary Recipe Collection for yourself at, and share your own creations at #Catelli150.


To say thank you to Canadians for inspiring them over the years, Catelli wants to reunite Canadian families. They’re asking Canadians to tell them their story for a chance to win 1 of 3 Reunion Experiences valued at $10,000!! The winner simply needs to gather their family – whether that’s relatives, a group of past classmates or even a close knit group of girlfriends who are more like sisters – and Catelli will bring dinner and a celebrity chef too!

Entering is easy! Just log onto and share why you want to bring your family together. Contest is on now until April 4.


We have our own awesome Catelli giveaway to share with readers. One reader is going to win a #Catelli150 Prize Package consisting of Catelli pasta, a beautiful wooden Catelli 150 Recipe Box, and a $25 Visa gift card to purchase everything you need to test a Catelli pasta recipe at home.


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