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The All-New Petro-Points Program

You know I love my points programs! I’m often left slack-jawed when the person in front of me in line shakes their head when asked if they have a rewards card, and again when they decline the offer to sign up on the spot. Why on earth would any consumer say no to free products in the form of rewards, that you choose yourself, on your terms and your whim? It’s like having the cashier offer you actual cash and you shake your head, “no thanks.”

If you, like me, are a savvy rewards collector and regularly redeem for free items while the rest of your friends pay out of pocket for the same items – this is news you’ll want to hear!


The Petro-Canada Petro-Points program is even better with some changes being made to make it easier to earn and redeem points for products you want! Here are the highlights:

petro points

Collect Points Faster

Now you can collect 10 Petro-Points per litre on any fuel purchase! That means a 50L fill will get you 500 Petro-Points. Fill up weekly, and the points will start rolling in fast! Plus, now you can collect 10 points per dollar on purchases in-store and on car wash!


Redeem For Rewards Sooner

Redeem your Petro-Points in increments of 1,000 points for dollars off fuel, car wash and in-store purchases at Petro-Canada. The Petro-Canada website has a handy search function where you can enter your Petro-Points accumulation and quickly see what you can redeem for! I love this helpful tool, it makes collecting more fun when you see what value your rewards card holds in your purse!


Get Fuel Savings Rewards Faster

This is a great change! In the past with the Petro-Points program more points were needed to redeem and now, you’re golden baby! The Fuel Savings Reward cards are now 10,000 points for 5Β’ off 200 litres and 20,000 points for 10Β’ off 200 litres.

And of course, beyond fuel and in-store purchases Petro-Canada Petro-Points can also be redeemed with their partners.

Don’t have a Petro-Canada Petro-Points Rewards Card yet? It’s easy to sign up for one and start collecting rewards! Sign-up here!


I’ve got two Petro-Points prizes of 10,000 points each to give away to 2 readers! Enter your name and email address below to get started. If you don’t have a Petro-Canada Petro-Points rewards card just yet, simply sign-up now!


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