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September Is Full of New Beginnings

back to schoolNow that the kids are officially back in school, and social media has displayed more back to school pictures than ever before (true story, beyond Christmas it’s really the only other day I really look forward to on social media because I know it will be packed full of updates from nearly everyone I know!) parents and students everywhere are back to routine, back to ‘normal’. This year was especially emotional for me and definitely a full circle moment because my youngest of three children started Kindergarten!

The full circle moment came when I realized that, in the spring of 1982 my sister closest in age to be graduated high school. And then? Little (adorable) me happily went walking into Kindergarten that fall. Yep, my mother just had HER youngest of 3 oldest children graduate high school the very same year her very youngest child walked started it all over again. Can you even imagine?

September is full of new beginnings whether it’s preschool, kindergarten, junior high or college. I have it on good authority that no matter the age, parents are beaming with pride all along and secretly share photos with friends of their collage age kids even if they’re not posting them on Facebook (though, awesomely, some parents still do!) Watching my little baby walk into her Kindergarten classroom, I can’t imagine what parents feel when their university-aged children go off to school that first semester. But it’s life, and it’s all about being prepared.

At that age, they’re really out of your hands and you hope that everything you’ve instilled in them all the way back to those Kindergarten years, somehow resonates. You hope you’ve taught them well, and also hope they don’t end up back on your doorstep in 6 months (just me? I feel like that’s how I’d feel…)

LowestRates.ca actually has an information-packed blog for post-secondary students highlighting some money saving tips for students so they can avoid that 6-months-later knock at the door. They break down everything from a student’s everyday living expenses to comparing cell phone plans!

Adding to the awesomeness, LowestRates.ca is also having a Student Survival Kit contest where one lucky person is going to win a ton of great prizes including a brand new backpack carrying a 13” MacBook Air andΒ  case along with gift cards from Amazon ($25), Best Buy ($50), iTunes ($30), Tim Hortons ($50), and Subway ($50)! And, of course, some student life staples like a little KD and a few servings of Mr.Noodles!

To enter, all you need to do is find one of the LowestRates.ca contest posts on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and share it! I’m giving you some cheat notes though, here are the LowestRates.ca social media accounts:


Good luck everyone and whether you’re a parent, grandparent, or student – here’s to an amazing school year ahead!



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