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Take two Cheerios, drop them in a bowl, and watch them connect. Scientists say the Cheerios Effect is the way small floating objects attract one another. That it has to do with fluid mechanics, surface tension and buoyancy. Cheerios thinks it’s about a lot more.

Every morning, a story of connection is played out in your breakfast bowl.

And just like those two tiny, floaty little Os, we’re all drawn together.

We believe nothing could be more natural.

So no matter who you are, where you live, or who you choose to share your life with, we believe everyone is worthy of connection – and everyone has a story worth sharing.

I love celebrating those connections, and especially when I can facilitate a connection between the innovative and amazing women in my life. I truly enjoy being that bridge.  I guess in the Cheerios Effect I’m the milk?

To celebrate this simple concept, Cheerios has created a series of advertisements that show real people telling their personal stories of connection. Cheerios is hoping to inspire a more connected world by celebrating these amazing true stories, and have given Canadians the means to share theirs, telling a story with a simple bowl of milk and two Cheerios.  I know it sounds a little weird, but after watching my video I think you’ll get it.

My story shares the connection between my husband and I and our 2-year journey to becoming parents for the first time.  It’s easy to think of a bunch of different sweet little connection stories once you get started (and they’re pretty cute to watch!)  All you need to do is visit https://cheerioseffect.ca/ and tell your story. Watch as the story comes to life before your eyes with two little O’s!

It can take up to 24 hours for your video to be approved and show up on the site, but when it does – tweet me the link and leave it here on the post!  Why? Because your video can win you $100 Loblaws Gift Card and 5 boxes of Cheerios!



winit2-300x51To enter to win a $100 Loblaws Gift Card and 5 boxes of Cheerios:
1) Visit CheeriosEffect.ca and write your story to create your own Cheerios Effect video.
2) One you receive your video link via email, send me a tweet sharing your video with the hashtag #CheeriosEffect (there’s a Tweet button right on your video)
3) Grab the link to your tweet and leave it in a comment below, via the Rafflecopter form, to be entered to win! The winner will be chosen randomly and this is the best way to keep track of all the entries.

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