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vitabath giveawayReaders, you know how when, you read a blog review and the description of the product makes you want to run out and buy it?  Or at the very least it resonates in your head so that the next time you’re out and you see the product, you want to ensure you check it out to see if it’s everything you read it was?

That was me after I read Tara’s review of Vitabath Asian Orchid products.  Speaking with my friends at Vitabath after that post, I said I wanted to try some products too (in my best non-tantruming-toddler sounding way).  Me too, me too!  And so, I clapped my hands like a toddler when I received two 3-pack-bundles from Vitabath that I had chosen: Scrumptious Vanilla Sugar and Wild Red Cherry!

vitabath review

I love anything vanilla so it seems to be my go-to choice when choosing fragrances and body products – not that it’s a bad thing.  However, I know I need to try others and my second go-to is typically anything fruit scented!  Both collections from Vitabath did not disappoint!

The 3-pack-bundles from Vitabath come complete with a Body Wash, Mist and Lotion so you can use each individually or layer them for a luscious scent to last you throughout the day.  Sometimes I find that when I use a body wash, the room and my skin immediately afterward smells amazing but then the scent lifts shortly after.  Having the ability to layer on the scent is perfect.  The Mist is great for keeping in your purse or bag to freshen up later on in the day too (also, it works as a great room freshener!)

Scrumptious Vanilla Sugar and Wild Red Cherry are not the only two fragrances available from Vitabath in 3-pack-bundles (they actually have a total of 14 different 3-pack-bundles to choose from!)  You can find Vitabath products here in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart or online (3-pack bundles are only available online from Vitabath directly).  You can purchase products directly from with free shipping available on purchases over $50.  Leave a hint out about them for mother’s day or – do as we mother’s seem to do best and – pick them up for yourself now!

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