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SNACKBOX: Delicious Healthy Food Delivered to Your Door!

snackboxWe all want to eat better. Snack better. We know that fruits and veggies are a great low-calorie and healthy snack but sometimes…OK all the time if you’re like me, a snack needs to be salty, maybe chocolately (it’s a word on this blog!) and yummy. And while I love a big bowl of cherries, sometimes that doesn’t satisfy my snack craving.

There are lots of great healthy snack options on the shelves, but how do you know what tastes good, is good for you, and is made with ingredients you can trust?  SNACKBOX brings you all this and more right to your door as part of a monthly subscription to yumminess.

Here are three things you need to know right off the hop – SNACKBOX foods are:

– Gluten Free

– All-Natural

– Tasty (no really, no cardboard taste allowed!)

So how does it work?  Every month, SNACKBOX has a holistic nutritionist and a team of experts who find, taste, and determine if the healthy snacks they’ve discovered are worthy of SNACKBOX.  They analyze the labels so you don’t have to.  Every month, members receive a box filled with 10-12 products.  Then, if you try something and discover you love it, you can look for it at your local store the next time you’re out shopping.  A hidden discovery that only you know about (unless you decide to tell your friends about your new product, that dilemma is up to you and whether sharing is your strength!)  If you can’t find a particular snack that you loved, you can email SNACKBOX directly and they will help you find it.

Prices are listed below – as with anything you get a better deal buying in bulk!

 snackbox plans

We received a box to sample to get an idea of what’s inside and I was excited going through it all!  I had heard of zero of the brands before, and wanted to try every one as soon as I opened the box.  A note: many items contain nuts so be aware when ordering if you have a nut allergy in the family.  My daughter has the allergy, so we made sure to put the items up in the pantry – and that meant I got a secret stash of treats to take with me on a recent child-free trip!

SNACKBOX exampleMy favorite from my SNACKBOX this month?  Definitely the Hippie Foods Coconut Chips!  OMG I need to know where to get my  hands on more of these (I actually looked up their website today to find them), so so good and something I would never had tried had it not been for SNACKBOX!

Ready to try SNACKBOX?  My friends at SNACKBOX gave me a discount code just for Feisty Frugal & Fabulous readers, saving you some cash on any of their subscription packages.  Just enter the code at checkout when prompted, and enjoy your next few months of yummy snacks!


Value: $16.50 off any of our 3 subscription types

* Valid until Sept 31, 2013



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