Build-A-Bear Workshop Seeks Huggable Heros

build-a-bear-huggable-herosThe Build-A-Bear Workshop® Huggable Heroes® program, now in its 10th year, is accepting nominations for young people ages eight to 18 who are doing their part to make the world a better place. Ten Huggable Heroes will each receive $10,000 which includes educational scholarships, donation to a charity of their choice, and a mentoring scholarship to support their charitable entrepreneurships.

In celebration of the 10th birthday of its Huggable Heroes program, Build-A-Bear Workshop is joining forces with the prestigious Jefferson Awards for Public Service, one of the United States’ top community service recognition programs founded 40 years ago by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Senator Robert Taft, Jr. and Sam Beard. Through the Jefferson Awards’ GLOBECHANGERS training and mentoring systems, the newest generation of philanthropists recognized by Build-A-Bear Workshop will be equipped with the tools they need to build a lifetime of public service.

Each Huggable Hero will be paired with a mentor through the Jefferson Awards GLOBECHANGERS system for a year in order to develop valuable skills for writing business plans, networking and fundraising. The training and on-going support the Huggable Heroes receive from their mentors will enable these future leaders to grow personally and scale their efforts globally.

Over the past ten years, the Huggable Heroes have as a group raised more than $9.4 million, have collected more than 316 million items to donate and recruited thousands of volunteers to extend their efforts. This year, Build-A-Bear Workshop will name 10 Huggable Heroes who are making the most significant impact in their communities and beyond.

Nominations will be accepted through the website or by mail until February 28, 2013. Nomination forms are also available at Build-A-Bear Workshop stores in Canada, the United States and Puerto Rico.

How many HuggableHeroes will be selected?
Ten Huggable Heroes will be selected from Canada, the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

How are the Huggable Heroes selected?
Honourees will be selected in three stages: Semifinalists, Finalists, and Huggable Heroes. The entries will be narrowed down by independent judges to 80 Semifinalists. Judges will then select 30 Finalists and finally the 10 Huggable Heroes.

What do the Huggable Heroes win?
The 10 selected Huggable Heroes will each receive $10,000 ($6,400 in the form of an educational scholarship and Jefferson Awards GLOBECHANGERS mentoring and training program valued at $1,100 from Build-A-Bear Workshop and $2,500 from the Build-A-Bear Workshop Foundation to be donated to the Canadian cause of their choice). In addition, the Huggable Heroes will receive a trip for themselves and one parent, or legal guardian, to St. Louis, home of Build-A-Bear Workshop World Bearquarters, where they will be celebrated for their work, participate in a professional photo shoot, a Jefferson Awards GLOBECHANGERS BOOTCAMP and a day of service.

What a great opportunity for young heroes in our community! Nominate someone you know today, or share with your local school so they can do the same! Thank to Build-A-Bear from me personally, for sharing Warm Hugs Furever Bear with my personal hero, Cheryl Peters of Beautiful Side of Hectic.

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    What a great program !!

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    Nice way to give back.

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  11. Very nice! I love Build-A-Bear, especially for birthdays, but I love them even more when I know they are giving back :)

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    this is the first I have heard of this,

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  16. Our son & daughter-in-law used Build-A-Bear to gift their flower girl and ring bearer. They recorded personalized “Thank You’s” on a personalized gift! I hadn’t heard of the Huggable Heroes Program. Awesome way to give back.

  17. Elizabeth B says:

    This is the first time I’m hearing about this program. Although that could have something to do with the fact that we have a dust mite allergy in our house and stuffies are kept to a min.

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    What a great program

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    Great way to give back!!!

  23. This company really knows how to give back. I think they do a fantastic job. I don’t know any children that are in the age group mentioned so I have nobody to nominate. Wish I did.

  24. Lee Pearson says:

    This is a really good program and very important for young people to be recognized for their achievements at their young age. Wow, this is impressive!

  25. This sounds like a good program that gives young people the recognition they deserve. I would like to see the ‘Huggable Hero’ having the option of going on the trip with both parents and or guardian…I am a single parent and my Mum came everywhere with us. Sara wouldn’t have been able to choose between the two of us. Today, Sara has a wonderful bond with my Mum.

  26. Joyce Poyton says:

    This is a really great program recognizing young people.

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    I love Build a Bear, and this is a really brilliant program. It’s nice to read positive news. :)

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    My niece , nephew and myself go to Build a Bear at least 4 times a year it’s our thing and we all love it!

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    I have a build a bear the kids love to watch the fluff in the machine flying around through the little window.

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    This is a great program as well as a great activity to do with kids. My niece is Autistic and she and I bonded and had a great time at the workshop we attended

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    Great idea and concept. Building a bear workshop is such a great time and I am thankful that this company has initiated a fun way to give back!

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