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Summer Movies to Keep You Warm

Last night, the kids wanted to watch a movie and their choice was Ice Age Continental Drift.  Looking outside at our bitterly cold January weather I couldn’t help but think this was the wrong movie for such a night.  Even though the movie admittedly doesn’t take place in all icy conditions, it didn’t do much to make me feel warm and cozy!  So – once the kids are in bed – here are five movies to keep you warm in the cold winter months, dreaming of summer days ahead…

Four childhood buddies embark on one last adventure together. (1986)

Thailand, a beach, and a mysterious map. And Leonardo DiCaprio. (2000)

Brokedown Palace
Two women vacationing in Thailand are arrested. Claire Danes and Kate Beckinsale showcasing their acting brilliance in one of my favorite movies that I wish got more critical acclaim (1999).

Even though this movie is set in 1963, it brings me back to the summer of 1987 when it was released!

Grease Poster
Sweet summer nights, great music, and the movie that made Olivia Newton John and John Travolta timeless! (1978)

cuisinart 10 cup popcorn makerThese movies are on my must-see list for staying warm during cold winter months.

Of course, one needs to have the necessities ready for a fantastic winter movie night – popcorn made with my brand new Cuisinart 10 Cup EasyPop Popcorn Maker that I got from SHOP.CA ($69.99 on sale!), a heated blanket, and maybe some licorice for good measure.

The kids love making popcorn with us in this popcorn maker, as it’s fun to watch the popcorn pop-pop-pop!  It’s also healthier than my usual stand-by microwave popcorn!  I find that when we make popcorn in here we don’t add any salt at all (and when you see how much is actually in microwave popcorn…yikes!)

Shipping is free on this item and, as always, you get a huge bonus when you sign up at SHOP.CA: $25 free SHOP.CA rewards on your first $100 purchase!

Here’s hoping Spring is here very soon – regardless of what the groundhog says on February 2nd – and in the meantime stay warm!

Disclosure: I am part of the SHOP.CA Super Shopper program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog, as always, are my own.


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