Nine 90’s Trends

I loved the 90’s.  The decade covers my teen years, having graduated smack dab in the middle of it, and carried me through to my first years out in the world at collage, working, and meeting my husband.  I’m in a 90’s mood this past little while on the blog, and in that spirit I bring you my top nine 90’s trends.

doc martens

Doc Martens had been around for decades but surged in popularity in the early 90’s as part of the grumge fashion trend.  My Docs were blue, and I loved them and wore them with my jeans and my tights and flowered dresses because I was cool like that.  Does anyone remember how incredibly painful they were to break-in though?  There’s even articles online on how to break in your Doc Martens to save you the pain of achy feet.  Oh the pain of fashion.  It was worth it though to look that cool.

the Rachel

The 80’s had Farrah, we had Rachel.  Jennifer Aniston’s character on Friends – undoubtedly one of the most popular shows of the 90’s -had a haircut that was copied by millions of girls and women in North America and beyond.  I did it (what trend didn’t I fall victim to in the 90’s?) and this one actually worked out well.  It was a super easy do with all those layers!


Digital Pets were a huge fad for awhile in the second half of the 90’s.  I think I had a fish once and I don’t think it lived long (it was annoying always wanting to be fed and played with, ugh!!)  Thank goodness I didn’t have kids in the 90’s…


If you were in your teens or twenties in the 90’s don’t even try and tell me you didn’t determine which Spice Girl you were.  I won’t believe you.  Me? I liked the feisty Ginger Spice.  And yes I zing-a-zingahhhh’d to their songs at the bar in the 90’s.  For all their marketing avenues, the Spice Girls did one thing right – they were part of the Girl Power movement in the 90’s and inspired many girls.


Hypercolor.  WTH.  This is one fashion trend I avoided even when it was everywhere!  Why – oh why – did we want to wear clothing that actually highlighted where we were sweating?  Ew.  Let’s not bring this one back, OK?

Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain.


If you know me in real life (as opposed to this imaginary world on the internet!) you’d know that I have a huge fascination and love for Kurt Cobain.  While generations before us can remember where they were when Lennon was assassinated, I know exactly where I was when I heard about Kurt Cobain’s death on April 5th, 1994.  In 2002 I took a pilgrimage to Seattle while visiting family in BC and literally map-quested his old house – that house – where he lived his last days.  A grunge-head to this day?  Maybe.  I was utterly disappointed when I had my last child April 6th and missed an important historical anniversary by one day.  Side note: I did think of the Foo Fighters (with former band mate Dave Grohl) “Everlong” when naming my daughter Everleigh.  Perhaps I’ve shared too much?  ((slinking away into a corner))

babydoll dress 1990s

Ahhh, the baby doll dress!  In 1994 I fell in love with this style (mourning Kurt Cobain perhaps, I became a huge Courtney Love and Hole fan!) and had a dress almost exactly like the one in the photo above!  I also loved the plastic barettes and baby tee’s that fell into this trend as well.  Le Chateau was my favorite store back then.

tatoo choker 90s

The tattoo choker.  It’s ok, I’m just as embarrassed about this as you are.  Let’s not tell anyone, OK?

butterfly clips 90s

Ahhh the butterfly clip!  All the better to rock a corn-row hairstyle in 1997.

So there you have it – nine 90’s trends and favorites.  Everything from digital pets to Kurt Cobain (we know which is #1, right?)  What about you, does this bring back any memories of the 90’s for you?  Is there a trend or favorite I’ve missed that you would definitely count as a favorite?

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  1. Oooh thanks for the walk down memory lane! My docks were maroon and damn those tattoo chokers were bloody itchy but oh so edgy… 😉

  2. Thanks for the trip! Been a while since I’ve thought about any of that. LOL. :)

  3. hahah!!! What a trip down memory lane! Thank you 😀

  4. FoundProdigalDaughter (Nicolle) says:

    Absolutely loved this entry! Thanks for taking me for a trip down memory lane…from the good (?) old days. Haha. :)

  5. Can relate t o all but the digital pets. I think maybe some kids I was babysitting had them, but not popular when I was high school . Fun post.

  6. SueSueper says:

    Funny, I can relate to many, I had a dress similar to that too. Those shirts that changed color by heat! lol remeber that.

  7. I love Nirvana and even though my sister was only 10 when he died, I vividly remember the t-shirt she had with his picture and his birth and death date. And I remember going to a Halloween party, when I was 14 or 15, as Baby Spice!

  8. I loved the hypercolour t-shirts!!!!!!!!!!! Yes! I’m admitting it!!

  9. Le Pearson says:

    I’ve got a secret….I love that dress too. Wish I could find one cuz I’d wear it now! Love the boots too! This was a fun look back…sigh…I loved the eighties. So many good rock videos!

  10. Nicole W. says:

    I was a bit younger in the 90’s, but still remember many of these things! I had the tattoo chockers, and the butterfly clips (was slightly obsessed & had a huge collection!). I had one Nano Kitty and one Nano Baby, was obsessed with those as well! =P My cousin made her Dad turn back HOURS into a road trip because she forgot hers at home and she knew it would die if it wasn’t “fed” – he actually agreed, they went back & searched the house, and it turned out she had it on her the entire time!!! That story is still talked about in our family!

  11. Oh I remember the 90’s lol. I was born in 1989 and I had a digipet (a real pain). I hated those t-dye like outfits but had a shirt like it lol. My friends were obsessed with the Spice Girls. I also had the butterfly clips. To be honest, I still love them lol. I have always been a huge fan of Kurt Cobain- but have never got the ‘obsession’ with celebrities whether its Jennifer Aniston or Farrah Fawcett. I wonder what will be trendy as my son is growing up?

  12. These bring my childhood memories back.

  13. I remember some of this stuff. I still have my digital pet (and it’s still alive!!)

  14. I had that Rachel haircut! lol

  15. Chandra Christine O'Connor says:

    I owned a hair salon and I think I may have done 200 or more Rachel haircuts, I think I could almost do them with my eyes closed!. And my fav dress was the baby doll dress lol I loved it! Is it bad I still own one? But wear leggings with it now haha.

  16. natasha severson says:

    hahahah thanks for the blog.. read things i didnt know /remember

  17. lol I had every one of those items.

  18. I miss Friends! Definitely one of the best shows ever!!!

  19. nice

  20. I’ve been loving these posts lately and going back in time! I sure miss Nirvana!!!!

  21. Christina Ferguson says:

    Oh man…I forgot about those digital pets. Both of my boys had them. I can remember feeding them when the boys were at school. So glad that fad went out the

  22. Love those Doc Martens boots

  23. We had a garage sale last summer and I threw out my lovely green Doc Martens from the 90s. I know they are in the stores again but I couldn’t bring myself to wearing green shoes! :)

  24. Kurt Cobain. I remember that like it was yesterday, I was pregnant with my oldest son when he died. *sobs*. Oddly enough, I was pregnant with my 2nd son when Michael Hutchence from INXS died. I also remember that Vanna White was pregnant with her 2 children BOTH times I was pregnant with my first 2 lol. So was Laura from General Hospital (in real life of course, not on the show) lol

  25. Thanks for the memories, I was in my late teens in the 90’s and remember all of these :)

  26. I still forever love Kurt Cobain! As for digital pets, I actually miss them.

  27. My daughter loved the spice girls!

  28. Angela Mitchell says:

    I had a pair of Doc Martens Boots that I wore from 1992 to 1997. They were the same ones Chris Cornell from Soundgarden was wearing at the time:)

  29. Lindsay Cyr says:

    LOL, awesome post! I totally forgot about Digital Pets! I had one named Georgie that lived like 104 days or something crazy like that…haha!

  30. I still have a pair of Doc Marten Boots and they have that starange sole which is sticky, kindof clear in color and makes me trip, of course. Beanie Babies were popular and people kept the tags on them to keep their value. The preppy movement was a trend again along with babydoll dresses, the grunge look and floppy hats. Mostly I remember running my 5 kids to youth sports and other events while working part time.

  31. ohhhhh wow! You just brought back a whole lot of memories!

  32. Tania Smith says:

    I did all of the above. I still have a scar from a particularly bad blister that took forever to heal on the back of my left foot.

  33. Michelle Chow says:

    I have a hypercolour t-shirt it is the thinnest shirt I own – great for hot summer days but admittedly I rarely wear it outside of the house.

  34. Doris Calvert says:

    The Rachael (Jennifer Aniston) was all the rage, seems like yesterday, oh this brings back memories!

  35. Cheryl Grandy says:

    I must have been focused on my kids in the 90’s — the only trends I remember are the Digital Pets my kids had and the butterfly clips my daughter wore! (We’ve still got a couple of those digital pets tucked away in a drawer.)

  36. That was awesome…can you do the 80’s next??

  37. thanks for the memories!! How things do change.

  38. Maegan Morin says:

    LOVED this post! I fell victim to all of those trends as well lol except hyper color… never saw it before but I do live in the middle of nowhere lol.

  39. Joyce Poyton says:

    This was so funny to read. I remember all of these trends.

  40. haha this whole post is me as a teenager ! Although I think a spot for Roots sweatpants,sweaters and roots tuffs boots is missing. Also Dance Mix cd’s you know the ones Much Music put out.

  41. lori butler says:

    wow memory lane indeed, wow..

  42. I remember doc martins! Never had the real ones though;(

  43. Great post! It is so funny to read, blast from the past forsure!

  44. The butterfly clips and tattoo chokers I remember my all my friends had.. Too funny

  45. I enjoyed the tv show Friends.

  46. Amy Menzies says:

    Ahh.. Tamagochi’s and spice girls.. What a time!

  47. Florence C says:

    I remember the shoes. My daughter had a pair just like it.

  48. Jennifer Abbott says:

    Yep spice girls, fresh prince of bel-air, toy story all great memories. I’m still in shock to hear Debbie W’s digital pet is still alive!!! LOL

  49. Melanie B says:

    Oh I remember all these things!! haha..

  50. Brianne Hager says:

    I remember Tamagotchi’s, I used to have one. I also had a Furby, and now my kids have one of the new Furby’s as well.

  51. Rhonda W G. says:

    Aside from the passing of Kurt Cobain which was talent lost I don’t miss any of those trends…lol.

  52. I love the butterfly clips. I still love them. I think I might have one lying around the house

  53. Katie McDonald says:

    The bomber jacket

  54. Kimberlee Pitts says:

    Remember them well LOL

  55. Lucy Cober says:

    remember very few

  56. i remember everything except the doc martens!

  57. Sarah Stickney says:


  58. Elaine Jasvins says:

    French braided hair.

  59. Undomesticgirl says:

    AH memories!

  60. Victoria Ess says:

    haha I completely forgot about the tattoo bracelet (Thanks for reminding me…)!!! I remember seeing a lot of girls with that hair product that makes your hair looks wet all the time.

  61. Tamagotchi’s!!! LOL I REMEMBER THOSE!!! Used to think they were so cool and technologically advanced… haha

  62. Please don’t remind me bout baby doll dresses – I had a closetful!

  63. I was never a trend follower but it seemed like every bad guy I dated wore doc martens.

  64. all fun memories Jenifer Aniston hair for sure

  65. Doc Martens were the coolest LOL!

  66. Carmen Elena says:

    Lol….too funny! I remember using the butterfly clips….

  67. Angelene Ashawasega says:

    DIGITAL PETS…woweee, I almost forgot about those crazy things! My gurl had a ton of them.

  68. holly messana says:

    the 90’s was a good year for trends, loved it

  69. InezbyDesign says:

    Sorry, but looking this over…all I can say is I glad I “missed” the 90s…I think my children did too..well all except the doc Martins, ok the butterfly clips made into our home as well.

  70. I miss the 90s!

  71. I recall the 90’s trends very well. But I didn’t personally adhere to any specific trends then, or now.

  72. reading your trends I realize about the only thing I still appreciate is the Spice girls

  73. Good times

  74. funny thing about Jennifer’s haircut – apparently she hated it but it was too popular for her to change.

  75. I actually dressed up as Baby Spice for Halloween one year and I like you, Tenille, I sigh when I think of Kurt…loved him!

  76. Ohhh the spice girls. lol

  77. Dayna Wilson says:

    Hehe, I definitely remember all of this stuff. It’s hard to believe the 90s have been over for 13 years.. how time flies.

  78. I remember all that stuff and it was great. I always wanted Rachel`s hair but mine never looked like hers at all.

  79. blast from the past!

  80. Omg this is like a huge flash back! I remember ALL of those that you mentioned above.

  81. I was studying in Spain when the Spice Girls hit there, and then had to live through the whole thing again four months later in Canada.

  82. i still have those butterfly clips!

  83. Fanterra Fisher says:

    still got them butterfly clips too i totally forgot about alot of them but they all bring back memories. Not all good but memories lol

  84. I loved the tamaogtchis!

  85. Spice Girls were hot!!

  86. I remember those!

  87. I still love Docs, just not that style, and I never did!!

  88. I remember all of those. I was a little too old to follow though

  89. I was never a fan of Kurt’s but I loved Friend’s. I still remember wanting to watch the pilot because it had Courtney in it and she had recently been on another show with Michael J. Fox…who knew?

  90. I’ll tell you what I want what I really really want…a Friends cut!

  91. I second POGS… ah the good old days

  92. doc martins, spice girls and kurt cobain – yes. i passed on all the rest during that decade. styles of the late 80’s and early 90’s blurr together a bit for me, but i’m pretty sure that i was still wearing tapered pants for a good portion of the 90’s.

  93. Christy Martin says:

    It doesn’t look as horrible as people make it sound. But yes, I am glad the 90’s are far behind us! I am happy I didn’t have the $ to follow every trend.

  94. Only thing better than the 90s was the 80s!

  95. Debbieunick says:

    ahh, now I miss my Docs

  96. Chandra Christine O'Connor says:

    my girls and I enjoyed the spice girls

  97. You forgot Jelly shoes, Bootlegger and discmans….bell bottoms and…….black thick rimmed glasses an ode to Lisa Lobe

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