The 2012 Ford Fiesta Surprised Me

I’m fortunate that I get to review Ford vehicles throughout the year and this enables our family to test-drive vehicles to see which might make a possible second-vehicle addition.  We’ve decided that our next vehicle purchase will likely be a truck, after some great test-driving experiences with Ford F-150 trucks.  After our review of the Ford F-150 SuperCrew, we moved next onto a Ford Fiesta!  As a family of 5, we joked that it was quite the change from the big, burly, experience of driving a truck.  We joked about the little Fiesta….poor thing!

The 2012 Fiesta was a hot little number to see in our driveway and my son (8) thought the decals were “awesome”.  As a mom of three, at 35, I felt a little funny driving something that would more likely have a 20 year old behind the wheel – but it didn’t take long to get used to it.

The first surprise came when I drove the Fiesta that first day.  After the power of the F-150 I expected this car to be sluggish.  I stepped on the gas a little too eagerly and ended up driving a lot faster than I had anticipated!  I was truly surprised at the amount of power behind this little car.  I don’t drive a stick, but told my husband that this car drives like it is one.  Maybe it had something to prove after all that earlier teasing?

The second surprise came when my husband decided that he was going to take all 3 kids with him to a football game and managed to fit our toddler’s car seat in the back seat.  I had to tweet that, it couldn’t go unnoticed!

So, while this car is most definitely not what I’d refer to as a family car, it can and would work well as a second car for a family, especially one that lives in a large city with a commute.  We were thrilled with how seldom we had to fill the tank (Ford estimates 927km between fuel ups on their site) and the Fiesta was perfect for running the kids to activities or picking them up from school.

Just because the car is small does not mean it’s unsafe either – the 2012 Ford Fiesta is the only vehicle in its class with 7 standard airbags, including driver’s knee protection.   The Fiesta also features AdvanceTrac with Electronic Stability Control, something I got to push to the limit during Escape for the Day With Ford in August.  From that experience, I know how amazing this technology is and love that it’s in the Fiesta – a car many younger adults would drive much faster than this mom.

At the end of our review journey with the Ford Fiesta I realized I didn’t give this little red wonder the chance it deserved when I first saw it.  Looks like this mom needs to go back to the basics and stop judging a book by it’s cover…ur…car by it’s decals….you get the picture.

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  1. Nicole W. says:

    Looks like a very cute car! It’s so awesome that you get to test and review all of these great vehicles!

    • Thats wonderful that you and you your family are able to do this. Its also very helpful for people like us as you are keeping us so informed on weather or not its a family vechicle or not. SO thank-you very much:)

  2. I saw you guys picking up N. from school in that the one day and began to dream of the day that a mini-van would not be necessary to haul 2 children and all their *ahem* crap around. Some day… some day.

  3. this car looks awesome!

  4. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I like it! I’ve grown up with basically owning only a Ford vehicle and they’ve been good to me. My father was the same way.

  5. WandDerful says:

    Nice looking car, have been looking at it while comparison shopping lately.

  6. We’ve dreamed of being able to switch to a car with gas prices getting so high, but sadly we just have to have the cargo and passenger space of a mini van. This is a pretty darned cute car, though! ; )

  7. What a neat, sporty looking car. Unfortunately, I cannot convince my husband to buy another ford :(

  8. Susan Meyer says:

    What a nice looking car, I don’t drive but hubby does will have to show him this one

  9. That’s a beautiful car and I love the safety features. At the end of the day, it’s our lives that are most important.

  10. I love the decals, and the interior looks like a racing car..

  11. Austin Baroudi says:

    Pretty nice car! The look is cool and the gas mileage is great! I wouldn’t mind owning one!

  12. I loved my old Explorer and that experience made me a Ford fan for life. It’s great to see they’re still producing quality!

  13. i love it!

  14. Oh cool love it wish i could test drive all these cars ty for the chance

  15. I want one so bad!!!

  16. very cool! thinking about going for a test drive now…..

  17. What a neat opportunity to be part of such a program. Who knew that you could fit a carseat in the backseat of a Fiesta! Good to know!

  18. great review and makes me want to look into this vehicle more; thanks

  19. Callista Meyer says:

    If i had my liscence i think i could squeeze my 3 kiddos in the back seat 😛

  20. That looks like a great car for around town – I’d really like to try a test drive

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