Grey’s Anatomy: The Complete Eighth Season Giveaway

As fifth year residents, it’s do or die for the doctors of Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. Things heat up in the operating room and in the bedroom as competition abounds and passions are ignited. The six-disc DVD brings fans even closer to the action!! Bonus features include an exciting feature “A Journey Home with Kevin McKidd,” where fans can tag along with Kevin McKidd (Dr. Owen Hunt) as he heads home to the Highlands of Scotland and tours his hometown, deleted scenes and much more!

Easily one of my favorite shoes on television, Grey’s Anatomy has kept me captivated for eight full seasons now.  Even though the end of the eighth season has us saying goodbye to some of our favorite characters (or does it?), I’m curious to see what the writers bring us in season nine (premiering Thursday September 27th!)

Grey’s Anatomy: The Complete Eighth Season is available on DVD September 4th and includes all 24 episodes from the season as well as 8 never-before-seen bonus features.

One of my readers is going to win Greg’s Anatomy: The Complete Eighth Season DVD!

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  1. Heather Wone says:


  2. Dr. Baily is my favorite character.

  3. April Kepner is my new favourite character… i just think she is too funny. Izzy was my favourite when she was on the show!

  4. Jessica Mueck says:

    I must admit…I love Lexi. She’s a lot like me.

  5. McDreamy is my favorite!!!

  6. my fav was always Addison … then it was Lexie. I am not having a good streak LOL

  7. I like Alex. He has a lot of depth to his character.

  8. Mark Sloan

  9. Owen is my favorite.

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  10. Katharine W says:


  11. Rebecca H. says:

    Bailey! Love her!

  12. Amy Menzies says:

    Bailey or Sloan

  13. I really like Dr. Bailey’s character. :)

  14. Owen!

  15. Debbie Kennedy says:


  16. Doreen Lamoureux says:

    All of them but I will choose Dr. Owen Hunt but all the doctors are sweet.

  17. Dr. McDreamy

  18. Carole Dube says:

    Derek Shepherd is my favorite. That smile!

  19. michelle colon says:

    mcsteamy for sure until he dyed his hair!!

  20. I like Mr. Patrick D. :) I think he is a great actor and not so ‘hollywood’.

  21. McSteamy!!

  22. I like dr baily!

  23. My favourite is Derek Shepherd.

  24. Bailey

  25. I like most of the cast members, so it’s hard to choose just one. I’ll choose Mark Sloan (McSteamy). It won’t be the same without him and Lexi.

  26. Bailey.

  27. Kayla Burnett says:

    I cant choose! I love them all! Guess i will go with Meredith!

  28. Sue Ellison says:

    Dr Bailey is my favorite character!

  29. Dr. Cristina Yang is my favorite

  30. Dr Owen Hunt

  31. Lexi is my favourite character

  32. I’d love to win this!!!! Thx for the great contest:)

  33. Oooooh McDreamy!!!!! lol:)

  34. love mc steamy

  35. I like Derek. thanks

  36. Lexi :)

  37. Bailey ranks up there for me


  38. Lexi

  39. BAILEY…

  40. McDreamy of course!!

  41. Alex. I’ve loved him since season 1. George will always hold a soft spot in my heart as well :(

  42. Derek, McDreamy!

  43. Oh gosh, it’s so hard to pick my favourite character. I love so many of them. If I had to choose just one, I can’t imagine the show without Meredith Grey herself.

  44. I love Mc Dreamy

  45. Mark Sloane :)

  46. i like sandra oh!

  47. Bailey

  48. Kimberly B. says:

    Bailey is my fav.

  49. My favorite Grey’s Anatomy character is Dr. Cristina Yang.

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