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Scentsy Announces New Brand: Grace Adele

Speculation has been heavy.  Rumors have been circulating for weeks.  No, it’s not the latest celebrity gossip headline but if you’re in the Scentsy family (and by family I mean consultants and customers, as Scentsy really does treat those who love them with just as much love and excitement back at cha!) you’re aware that something big has been on the horizon for awhile.

Scentsy is not just about wax and warmers any longer.  While their orginal brand has been hugely successful, the Scentsy team has said that they wanted to offer consultants a legacy of products to showcase and essentially build careers around.  New products were released under the Scentsy brand – Layers – which included bath and shower products, lotions and even laundry products.  Then, Scentsy unveiled an entirely new brand with Velata – fondue warmers and chocolate!

This week, at Scentsy’s 2012 conference, the Scentsy team announced a new brand and I’m sure the response was huge even though I wasn’t there to be a part of it.  You see, I’ve been keeping a secret for a few days now.  As a Scentsy Blogger, we were given a sneak peak at the new brand, and even received some products earlier this week to see, touch, and experience so we could then bring the news to you, our readers.

Scentsy’s newest brand is Grace Adele (named after Scentsy owners Heidi and Orville’s youngest daughter) and it’s a totally new line of products focused on STYLE and making fashion work for you.  You know those people you see (maybe it’s even your best friend or sister) that always seem to have their look together?  They can rock a necklace, bag and other accessories seemingly without effort while the rest of us fumble along trying to figure out how to put a look together.  Don’t worry, if you’re one of the fumblers you’re not alone.  One look at the thousands of You Tube videos out there about how to create a look whether it be fashion, make-up, or hair tells us all that many of us need a little help.

The Grace Adele Style System makes creating your perfect look easy:

1. Pick My Bag Color – there are 7 bag colors in total; Red, Zebra, Teal, Black, Leopard, Natural, and Purple.
2. Choose My Bag – once you have your favorite color picked out, it’s just a matter of choosing 1 of 5 bag styles to anchor your look.
3. Add My Clutch – along with the gorgeous bag selection, you can also choose a matching (or not?) clutch that can even fit inside the pocket of your larger bag, creating an entire new look, or of course be carried on its own.
4. Style My Bag – Add a little flair to your bag with clip-ons (like jewelry for your bag!) and other accessories like wallets and wristlets.
5. Style Me – finish off your look with jewelry and scarves.

Grace Adele gives customers all these options in a huge, well organized, catalog. I love that the entire catalog is divided by color first so you can just flip to the color that speaks to you most, or is a forever favorite, and then design your entire look from that point on.

A word on the names of the products themselves. The bags and clutches are all girls names making them easy to remember but Grace Adele got even more creative – the bags are two syllable names and the clutches are one syllable names! This makes it easy for consultants to know what a customer is talking about, first of all, and it also makes it fabulously cute to say your bag/clutch combo.

Me? I have the Cora-May in Purple! Isn’t she gorgeous??

The Cora bag can be worn across the body or on one shoulder and has an adjustable strap.  The clutch (which I can’t wait to use when traveling at dinners and events) has a ton of room and organization inside the bags is amazing (a busy woman helped design these bags, clearly!)

In addition to the Cora Bag and May Clutch I also received a Contrast Wallet, Unchained Clip-On for my bag and a gorgeous Unchained Bracelet to complete my look!

Purple is one of my favorite colors, though I tend to wear a lot of black so I think my new Cora Bag and May Clutch will definitely POP when I wear them, along with my jewelry too of course!

Now, think how amazing this new brand is going to be when it’s available in a comfortable home-party format! Invite a few girlfriends over, pop open a bottle of wine, and shop in your living room with a Grace Adele consultant available to answer questions and help you put together a look.

I know you’re wondering about pricing (I was curious too!). The website should be able to give you an idea of the overall prices but in general bags are around $96 and clutches are $48. Grace Adele also has something called Stylish Savings which pairs together items in bundles to save you money (for example if you buy both a Grace Adele Bag and Clutch you can save $36.)  Jewelry prices are great at around $18-$24 for earrings and around $36-$78 for necklaces (all Canadian prices here, US prices will be slightly different).

Scentsy consultants have to sign up for the kit before they can become a Grace Adele consultant but the kits are reasonably priced to allow consultants to jump in ASAP and start sharing Grace Adele with their friends. More info, of course, can be found at the Grace Adele Website!


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    • I am currently selling Scentsy, I am thinking about seling Grace Adele!

      How is it going for you? Did you begin to sell? If so, is it hard to sell both or all three products? I really would like some first hand knowledge. I dont know who to talk to cause my sponser is not selling Grace Adele. Thank you for any imput!!

      • Hi Carmen! I don’t sell any product but there have been a ton of comments in this thread so maybe you can contact someone else who posted here?

      • My name is Janet Hull and i am going to pay for my kit around the 1 of october. I am going to sell Grace Adele purses and i have already got two hostesses lined up. Janet Hull

        • My name is Janet Hull and i am going to sell grace adele purses and i have got a total of 12 hostesses lined up in 6 more days i will be paying for my kit. I can’t wait to get started. Janet Hull

    • Me three! $80 for a FAUX leather knock-off Kathy Van Zeeland looking bag? No thanks – I’ll stick with my Coach! And I already sell Lia Sophia jewelry! I have no intention of selling this crap! I’m so disappointed in Scentsy – they’ve always been so innovative – now they’re just selling customizable bags and jewelry which has been done so many times before.

      • While I think that everyone is entitled to their opinion I cannot believe that someone would be so rude to first of all call this crap and second of all to be dissapointed in Scentsy???? For what-offering people yet another amazing opportunity to be successful in life. Shame on you! Very closed minded opinions are not necessary-no one is forcing you to sell this “crap” as you say.

        • I agree and couldn’t have said it better or nicer. It may not be for everyone just like Velata but they are giving us so many chances to be successful and find what we are most comfortable doing. I love coach and Louis Vitton and all the other designer bags but as a single mother of three, I can’t afftord them unless I buy knockoffs. So why wouldn’t I want to try Grace Adele? I haven’t even joined and have two orders from Coach lovers. So that says alot. Scentsy gives back more than they take and I feel honored to be a part of such a successful and caring company. No one is making any of us sell anything if it is scentsy you want to sell just sell scentsy. There is no pressure what so ever unless I missed that part of the convention. ( Don’t think so).

        • Just a FYI it is a ex coach designer that designs the Grace adele bags I find the quality to be superb as well I can have two Grace’s that I can change out the look for the season for the price of a Coach I have coach and I know when the stitching came loose on it coach refused to work with me . However Grace Adele will replace the bag with in reason . So though everyone is entitled to their opinion I believe the level of rudeness used was uncalled for.

    • So just sell Scentsy. You don’t need to sign up and do anything with the other brands. There are plenty of people who will stick to just Scentsy. But these bags look gorgeous. If you’re used to paying $300-500 for a Coach bag, then these probably aren’t for you, but I think there will be a lot of customers excited about this brand.

      • I agree, I love the sentsy line and well this just is another way to get a night out with the girls. I am alittle disappointed in the style of the Adele line. I was so hoping for the off the wall wild colors and design’s that are very popular. I like to be original and different. I don’t want the everyday Kathy Van Zeeland knock-off as someone stated before.

    • Thanks Loretta and welcome! I was like a 4 year old clamping my hands over my mouth to keep the secret this week! Watching the hashtag on Twitter intently for the big annoucement!

    • Hi Loretta, My name is Janet Hull and i am going to pay for my kit in 6 more days and i can’t wait to get started with my parties. I have already got a total of 12 hostesses lined up. Janet Hull

    • Are you on Twitter Tina? I know there’s lots of discussion there right now but my guess is consultants will receive something in their inboxes soon. ** I am not a consultant by the way, I’m a happy, addicted, Scentsy Blogger. 🙂

  • I think I’m in love with Cora! Do you happen to have a picture with it on? I can never find a purse with a long enough strap for me!

    • I am looking for the bag called Sarah-Black patent tote with contrast handles (10546)..I am not a consultant but want one to show people..I can get u business at work…I know they gave this away at the Vegas Convention…I will only pay 40.00 Half price..

  • yeah……no. I think it would wiser for Scentsy to focus more on what they already have running, with the warmers and the fondue line. I think it’s too soon to release a NEW product line. There is so much more they could be doing with the Layers line.

  • The website is and the catalog is there and downloadable. It’s beautiful and very user friendly. Orville and Heidi never do anything shabby or cheap. These are very nice looking products. I still am on the fence about signing up, but will listen to the webinar on Tuesday and go from there. Everyone has their opinion and no one is being forced to sell any of the Scentsy Family products. The consultants and customers are treated well and, as both, I love it!!!

  • Well I already sell a fabulous line of handbags and there are lots of scentsy gals that sell our bags so I do not see them switching over to this very expensive faux leather bag. jmho

  • Do the purses smell? Seriously Scentsy, stick with what you know. Bath products I understand, but chocolate? Purses? You are turning into AVON.

    • oh thank you! its crazy and the so called sister consultants are so hateful out here! out here being in OHIO!

  • As a consumer, wickless candles and fondue makes since. Throw in some jewelry and bags in there and it just doesn’t really make since. Especially since there is no unique and authentic style to Grace Adele. I feel like I could buy all of that at Bealls or JC Penny. I would love to see something more original.

  • There’s always room for more options of an item 🙂 and if they customer wants the bags to smell well I’m sure their consultant can make them some samples to stick in their purse, there’s a solution to everything and expanding ones options and business is a GOOD thing and the GA line is completely optional no one is being forced to sell or buy it. Also it’s not a brand with Scentys it’s a sister brand which is a brand of its own. Just my personal oppinions

  • Thank you for writing such a great post on Grace Adele! I just got home from convention and I’m so excited for what The Scentsy Family has to offer through the new brand. Thanks for getting the word out about it. I think it’s going to be great!

    • Thank you Kelly, it sounds like the conference was pretty amazing. Did you get a free bag to take home? I heard that on Twitter, wasn’t sure if it was true.

      • Yes, All Scentsy Family Consultants that were present for the announcement on Friday received a beautiful purse, clutch with jewelry and accessories. I’m not a fashion person by any means, but this is Genius planning on Orville and Heidi Thompson’s part! Even I can pair up some Amazing pieces that anyone would be proud to carry. If you want to be a part of this Ground Floor opporunity…please contact me to show you how to have fun and make some great money while providing Quality product from your own home. Become your own CEO and have fun while doing it! I am having the time of my life and never, ever thought this simple concept could lead to this remarkable place of Family, Unity and Love between consultants. This is the best time to start your business and have fun building your Dreams!

  • Thank you for this!! I received a bag at convention and am hooked already! They are great quality bags! To those that don’t want to sell it – The great thing about Velata and Grace Adele being different brands is that you DON’T have to sell it. There were consultants at convention that only sell Scentsy; just like only Velata consultants. No one is forcing you to do anything you don’t want to do. I have a girl interested in becoming a GA consultant already. If that’s all she wants, GREAT! Who am I to say what she can or cannot succeed at? Work your business your way!

  • I, too, was a little skeptical about Scentsy jumping in to the accessories business, as I had a very successfull direct selling business with a jewelry company that tanked when the economy did. (Hence me starting up with Scentsy 🙂
    But the reasons I stopped the other jewelry company (high shipping costs, I had to pay out the Hostess Credits, high credit card costs, etc.) are all taken care of with Scentsy!
    The Scentsy Family group gives you a CHOICE – sell one brand, two, or all three! Or you can even just sign up to get your products at a discount! That’s what I love about Orville and Heidi, they are simply expanding our options to be successful.
    And now I’m uber excited to sell Grace Adele – if you’ve ever sold jewelry, part of the fun and excitement comes in just wearing it everyday! People will literally come up to you and buy it right off your body!

  • Thanks for the information this is a great opportunity for those that choose to embrace it. As a male consultant I think women will Love the product and understand the value of it. Putting it together with a chance to have your friends and family gather that experience alone in valuable. Im ready to Launch Grace Adele with Positive energy and full support. ladies and Gents not every Brand is for every consultant. but if your interested in Buying and or taking advantage of being on the ground floor with this opportunity please email me. If you dont like or agree with the brand thats ok just focus on the brand you support but help the rest of us have a successful launch. I will be launching Aug 1st. Are You?

  • For anyone thinking this is just another “cheap” purse, here’s a little bit of information…….the purses were/are designed by a top designer for coach and louis vouiton (sp) who came from italy to idaho to do this. I had a chance to meet him while at lunch with my super star director in salt lake at spring sprint. she told me to remember him, that she couldn’t tell me why right then, but he was very important right now.
    So just know that these aren’t meant to be a cheap knock off, the designer is amazing and was after quality. And it wasn’t just some person they just grabbed off the street and said “come draw a bag for us” My director said he insisted on quality.

  • I am a Coach girl, but I loved the jewelry at first sight. The bags? The more I look at them, the more I like them. I’ve had nothing but positive responses from current customers about the products and the opportunity with Grace Adele. I’m unclear why some Consultants have been kvetching about it given that they can choose to sell any or all of the Scentsy brands and can recruit under any and all. This opens the market for potential recruits and building your team to an even wider group. Plus, with all your PRV going into the same pot, your chances of reaching personal sales goals can increase. I cannot WAIT until 8/1!!

  • If you don’t like Velata don’t sell it. If you don’t like Grace Adele don’t sell it. If you don’t like the route Scentsy Fragrance is going, quit selling it. It is that SIMPLE. Scentsy Family is only giving us one opportunity after another. There is NOTHING NOTHING that says you have to sell any of their brands or products. How dare any of you Negative Nelly’s say anything about being handed a great opportunity. Scentsy Family has done countless hours of research, comparisons, testing and listening to come up with the very best opportunities for their consultants. Scentsy Family has their consultants always on their mind and always looking for ways to give up a better chance to succeed. If you want to down play that, then maybe you should stop selling for Scentsy, We don’t need negative people in this FAMILY.

  • This is straight up B.S. – I started selling Scentsy because it was a very easy and simple line that EVERYONE LOVES! WELLLLLLL then came Velata yup got suckered into that and boy has that been a bomb! Now they want me to start selling with yet another company that they want to call all of these in the family well guess what folks THIS IS A JOKE! Try and sell for another company and watch all the little SCENTSY POLICE COME OUT AND TATTLE TALE ON YOU! and STOP SELLING ITS THAT SIMPLE? NO ITS NOT I HAVE GREAT CUSTOMERS AND I WILL NEVER LET THEM DOWN! Scentsy does NOT think about their consultants because if they did they would TAKE CARE OF THEM ! Why do they separate the pay ? it should all be in just like the LAYERS??????

    • I think with any NEW brand it takes time for people to get to know it. They need to try it and learn why they can’t live without it (the consultant’s job). Scentsy in the beginning wasn’t a must have item until the founding consultants dug in their heels and made it a well known product. I can’t understand why you are so ticked off and how you think that Scentsy doesn’t support their consultants? Were you at convention? Have you ever met any of the people from corporate? How can you make the assessment that they don’t care for you? Maybe you don’t have support from your upline? If this is the case then I ask you a question-have you searched for someone that WILL help you? We are a Scentsy Family and as such we help each other out. There are some rotten apples out there but you can’t let that spoil the bunch! You are an INDEPENDENT consultant. So if you aren’t getting the help and direction you deserve, then you need to be looking elsewhere for it! I wish you the best!!

  • Did none of you people complaining about the brands attend Spring Sprint or convention?? Do you understand that if Scentsy did not start these new brands you would not have a job at all… Scentsy independant consultants would no longer exhist.. They legally got to big and made to much money to be in direct sales anymore.. They were givin two options.. take Scentsy main street.. that means in the mall and the grocery store etc.. and no longer have consultants, or they had to invest ALL of their profits into a new company. How is that not looking out for their consultants?? They invested millions of their own dollars so that we’d all have jobs and you couldnt just buy scentsy at walmart! Stop complaining.. dont sell it if you dont like it… And there are rules for a reason if you cant follow them quite.. we need team players not whiners and complainers anyways. Scensty DID for their consultants.. stop being selfish. How would feel if they made the choice going the other direction and not investing in other brands and you had no customers and no pay? If you dont love this company go somewhere else.. stop bringing everyone else down.. who doesnt carry a purse and what woman doesnt look choices and options..I get if someone doesnt like GraceAdele but stop being so harsh on Scentsy they have done nothing but Do for their consultants.
    on another note, I got into Scensty because they came together and did a fundraiser for our family when my husband was ran over by a train.. they are amazing and I am tired of the nit picking and complaining I see online..

  • All I can say is UNBELIEVABLE!! There are so many people in the world who don’t have jobs, no income what so ever coming in and would be grateful to be a part of such a wonderful company. When I go to convention every year I get so emotional to see the Scentsy family come together, to see how many people were able to get out of debt and stay at home with their kids. And all I see on here is people who have nothing but negativity against the company that paved the way for them. If all you have to complain about is Handbags and Chocolate Warmers you don’t like then you are obviously not watching the news or for that matter have you even shared it with your customers because at the end of the day that’s who will be buying the product. Come on really!!

  • I am a Scentsy consultant and will be signing up for Grace Adele tomorrow to come to a total of three Scentsy brands that I sell. I own a Coach bag and as soon as I got my Grace Adele at convention this week, I emptied the Coach and have been carrying the GA since. I LOVE this bag. The design, quality, and versatility are amazing and I see this being the “next big thing” in direct sales. Women are going to love their options with these bags and accessories! Great job Scentsy! I am faithfully yours. 🙂

  • I was sooo excited when I found out that they were going to give us a bag! It is truly amazing and the company is amazing! they look out for us soo much and I am proud to be part of such a great GROWING company!

    I can help anyone get on their feet. I have an amazing team and am open to anyone who wants to get in on all the fun! Even if you are not on my Scentsy family team. 🙂

    • Hi Rachel, My name is Janet Hull and i plan on becoming a grace adele consultant around the 1 of october. I live in Oklahoma city but the lady that is going to be my sponsor lives in Utah. Janet Hull

  • Scentsy rocks! I’m in love with my bag that was given to us at convention. The quality is outstanding for the price. I’ve joined already and am getting my kit tomorrow. This feels almost like Christmas. . . it was Christmas in July at Convention getting all of the give-a-ways. If you’re a consultant who’s never been to convention, then maybe you’ve not connected with the heart of Scentsy’s founders, Orville and Heidi. I encourage you to go to youtube and find some videos of them speaking, so you’ll know why they’re adding brands. I’m blessed with being a Director of an awesome team and can’t wait to see the growth this year with all three brands. BTW, in just 3 months we have sold $10 million in Velata Fondue! That is amazing since it was launched in the slowest time of the year for sales. You can friend me on FB at

  • I am very excited about this new Scentsy brand. It’s not just another or jewelry or bag company. No other company helps you put together that perfect look with the first ever “Style Me” feature. Plus, add quality and style and you have the perfect match. I know a lot of people who are going to love this. Plus, even if Grace Adele is not your passion, Scentsy still allows you to recruit and earn commission from all their Family brands. No other company does anything close to this. Can’t get that with a coach bag. I am always so amazed and the generosity of Scentsy and how much they “give back” to us consultants in addition to do everything they can to help us succeed. Thank you Scentsy!

  • Scentsy has done it again! So impressed with the quality and style of Grace Adele in addition giving us and our teams the opportunity to grow with another brand. I love how they are putting new brands ou there to help every consutlant find a niche and passion. Also, the fact that Grace Adele is less than a week old and is already being compared to Coach bags… I think that is the ultimate compliment. Plus, coach doesn’t allow you to grow a business while selling their products nor do they let you earn hostess rewards getting these products for 1/2 price or even free. Way to go Scentsy!

  • I am a proud Scentsy Family Consultant! I LOVE that Scentsy is giving us an opportunity to do a little something different with Grace Adele. I am in love with my new Grace Adele bag that I got at convention, the intelligent interior is just that…I’ve moved my Coach bag into the closet and I am going out with Grace Adele. It may not be for everyone, but as was stated at Convention, stick with what you love and sell that…there is so much opportunity out there to grow and I can’t wait to see where this goes!

  • I love Grace Adele! We consultants are truly blessed to have this opportunity! No other DS company out there is doing it BIG like Scentsy! We are making history! You can sell 1, 2, or all 3 brands and recruit for all 3 brands even if you only sell one brand all the while enjoying the benefit of having ONE downline and ONE compensation plan paid on the TOTAL sales of all brands! LOVE IT!!! I can’t wait for recruiting to open in Quebec this Oct! I’d love to build a team there! If you want to learn more, visit my website at Once on my homepage, select the US flag in the top right corner and select Canada. You can also find me on Facebook

  • First let me say, that all of my friends that consider themselves “Purse snobs”, love the quality of the product! I myself was a bit on the fence about it! I am a classic kind of girl! And do not wear a lot of jewelry! Give me a beautiful string of pearls and a gold or silver necklace and I am set with a classic black dress or Jeans and a T-shirt! But when i seen the catalog i instantly fell in love! Every bag has a classic look to it that can be easily changed from day to night in a matter of seconds! The quality of the jewelry is wonderful and very well priced. The “Purse snobs” love the look of the bags and love the price point. Average parties when leaving the hostesses home are running 1,000 dollars in PRV! Lets not forget it is your OPTION, and your decision to sell Grace Adele or Velata or whatever brand Scentsy comes out with. I love that my customers have another option if they wish! Just like us, if they love it they can purchase it. Many of my reg Scentsy customers have enough wax, gosh they get so much free and discounted items that they are set for a long time! Now they have other options with me. For all of you that are consultants saying that you Hate the product is just plain… not business smart on your part. Your customers see your comments, and see that you are not confidant in what you do. Perhaps you are overwhelmed. Who isn’t! But do not bash Heidi and Orville for thinking of your best interest. I am so glad that my team is wise enough to know that putting comments out there about some of the lines is not in their best interest. Why would they want to hurt their current business. Some are not “All In” like others, and that is their choice…. But say they have someone visit their Scentsy website and that person signs up with Velata or Grace Adele….you ladies bashing will gladly be spending those commissions…but let me warn you and say watch out! Because that new recruit may have more passion and understanding of the opportunity and pass you right up and succeed while you sit in the dust wondering what happened to my business…Do what you think is best for you. But choose your words and actions wisely! I love my job and love the girls that are on my team! Training people to do the same thing that i do is the most rewarding part of it! Helping someone achieve their dreams and goals is the best feeling in the world. Changing peoples lives….for a lot of girls and men for that matter, Scentsy has not just put an income into their pocket, but a new look on life, once depressed and feeling worthless they are now feeling positive about their life and feel that they are doing good for themselves and others. Give more than you take! Scentsy Family does this for me! I am looking forward to encouraging more people to live their dreams and succeed in life for themselves and to build a legacy for their family.

  • I am LOVING the new Grace Adele line… Got my starter kit & have already started using the beautiful black LILY bag that it contained! I LOVE the quality & am having great feedback about these purses…I do sell all three products but do believe Grace Adele is going to one of my favorites!! I am so thankful for Scentsy & the amazing opportunities they bring us. Orville & Heidi are the BEST & always looking for a way to make our job better.. Remember to keep it simple, have fun & ALWAYS give more than you take…
    Love this Business!!

  • I am a scentsy customer, and I love the products, I’m forever getting myself in trouble for buying too much. I was just recently shown the Grace Adele line of purses and products. I’m also a purse snob and buy them from several places and several designers. But the thing that I love most about these bags is the versatility. I can buy the basic package and build from there, in any color I choose!! I already have other purses in other colors, but I’m going to buy the Grace basics so I might be able build on which ever style I choose for the mood or occation. I’m already showing the book to my friends, (also snobs) they are loving the products also. Thanks scentsy for another product I WILL use!!!

  • I am currently a Scentsy and Velata Consultant and I am thinkng of adding Grace Adele. I ordered one bag to decide if it is something that I would like to sell. Any advice either way?

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