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Family Fun in the Ford F-150 SuperCrew

I’m sad to say goodbye to the 2012 Ford F-150 SuperCrew that our family has had the opportunity to drive for a little while.  So much so, that my husband and I are keeping an eye on Ford promotions so we can purchase a Ford F-150 for ourselves.  For keeps!  After driving a few different Ford F-150 trucks over the past year or so, we’ve decided that this is indeed our next big family purchase.

We were pretty sure we loved everything about the truck, but had to put it through one more test to be really, really sure.

The family road trip.

Our family vehicle is currently a minivan.  We reluctantly made the move to purchase one after seeing that, with 3 kids, there were not many options out there that would comfortably seat 3 kids.  I say comfortably because many vehicles claim to seat a large family (read: more than 4) but they simply fail.  In fact, I reviewed an SUV by another car manufacturer that has commercials claiming how family-friendly it is when, in fact, I found it not at all functional as a family vehicle and thought it…well…sucked (they said no thanks to posting a review, no surprise there!)

Anyway (got sidetracked on my family-friendly-that-isn’t rant), we really enjoyed the amount of room in the back seat of the Ford F-150 and wondered if the kids could comfortably ride on a 5 hour road trip to visit my parents.  This would be the crucial test to see if a Ford F-150 really was the vehicle for our family.

The Ford F-150 SuperCrew’s large rear seat makes this truck a formidable family vehicle.  Not only are there 3 full sized seats in the back, the floor space and foot room are better than that in my van!  The kids (two in car seats) can sit comfortably and I’m not getting kicked in the back of my seat.  In fact, when we loaded up the truck for our road trip, we had plenty of storage space under the seats as well.

We didn’t make use of this feature, but it’s worth noting that the back seat in the SuperCrew is a 60/40 split that also folds up completely should you need extra interior space when you don’t have extra passengers.

We hauled a ton of “stuff” to my parents, things that simply wouldn’t have been possible with the van.  The kids didn’t fight for space because they each had their own full-sized seat to sit in.  In fact, I think our youngest preferred this seating arrangement because she was right beside her siblings rather than in her captain’s chair seat in the van where she’s by herself.

Perfect spot for a toddler when loading and unloading the vehicle in a parking lot! Obviously, people, the truck was not in motion. 😉

The only hitch in our week long trip occurred when we were returning home.  It rained!  Without a Tonneau cover in the back, we had to do some creative rearranging with our luggage.  It turns out there’s room in the back seat of the SuperCrew for a full-sized giant family suitcase too!

Our time with the Ford F-150 SuperCrew showed us that this really is the truck for our family.  This was what I needed to make my decision solid.  Of course, my husband also liked that the Ford F-150 SuperCrew can haul more cargo and tow a heavier trailer than any of its competitors (important when we’re looking at buying a camper at some point as well!)  He also liked that we could fill the (huge) gas tank and not worry about filling up until halfway through our week-long trip.  I don’t have any gas mileage info because, truthfully, I don’t pay close attention to that because as a mom, I’m busy being a referee and filling sippy cups.

Now, as we say goodbye to the Ford F-150 SuperCrew, the only thing to do now is wait.  Wait for Ford to have a 0% Financing event so we can pounce and make one of these trucks our own.  Because, we know I’m a frugal gal and paying interest simply sucks.  Hurry up Ford, we’re waiting!!


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