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Scentsy’s Silhouette Warmers & Spa Collection Scents

It’s been raining here in Saskatchewan all weekend and while I used to love the rain (and a part of me still does), it doesn’t bode well for 3 kids trapped indoors before we leave for our trip to Disneyland next week!  Talk about bouncing off the walls…

This week while I’m away I have a few posts to share that focus on taking time for yourself and enjoying the simple moments in life.  How do you do that on a rainy weekend when the kids are crazy?  In my life before kids, I used to light a candle, have a bubble bath, and read a book.

Now, with 3 kids underfoot, true “me” time doesn’t happen until the kids are in bed and at that point I’m exhausted too so I’m right behind them.

Instead, I find ways to bring on the calm during the day.  This weekend, it was in the form of my gorgeous new Scentsy warmer from the new Silhouette Collection (I picked Lili) and a few different scents from Scentsy’s Spa Collection.

My favorite collection from Scentsy is probably Corner Cafe as I love foodie scents (Vanilla Cream, mmm!) but the Spa Collection is perfect for a rainy afternoon when you want to create a calming, spa like atmosphere.

My favorite Spa Scent from Scentsy is White Sands – it’s such a light, soothing scent.  If you like soft scents like vanilla or rice milk, give this one a try.

It’s not a bubble bath and a good book but my busy life doesn’t allow for that on a rainy afternoon home with the kids.  At least this way I get a few moments of serenity, watching the soft light of the Silhouette warmer while taking in a soothing scent.

Until it’s time for a diaper change and another scent entirely that drastically changes the calm atmosphere…


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  • I was ‘introduced’ to Scentsy this past Christmas and fell in love instantly 🙂 There are so many amazing scents and burners to choose from!

  • when scentsy came out with the Silhouette Warmers i thought what a great deal now they are thinking outside the warmer 😉 i also love how you can change out the style without buying another whole warmer. sweet deal. stay tuned cause scentsy has great things up their sleeve coming in the future!!
    Gene Schur (WA)


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