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Saskatoon OutGROW OutPLAY Sale is 3 Weeks Away!

The Spring/Summer sale is fast approaching!  Only 3 weeks remaining until the first of many drop offs at the Lions Arena.  I am almost done all my clothes tagging and will move on to toys and baby items next!  I feel good about the pace I’m going at right now and can’t wait to bring all my unused “stuff” to the Lions Area!

Here are a few tips from Melissa at OutGROW OutPLAY Saskatoon to help when preparing and tagging your items:

1) Please remember that Prices must be in $1.00 increments (no $0.99 cents). Please note our $3.00 Rule: If your item can not bring $3.00 in on its own, please pair it with something that matches and is in the SAME SIZE. For example, Pair a T-shirt with pants or a bag of 5 books, a bag of small action figures, etc.

2) Keep in mind that any merchandise (in any category) which is NOT in almost perfect condition will NOT be accepted. All items must be current, in-style and in excellent condition. All merchandise is thoroughly inspected at drop-off (think airport security!).

3) Toys are HOT sellers and are in high demand!  We accept most toys big/small or indoor/outdoor. If it’s a child’s indoor or outdoor toy, chances are we will accept it!

4) Sports Equipment sells really fast! You can sell the high priced sports equipment your children have outgrown. We accept children and adult sport equipment.

5) It will take approximately 20 to 30 minutes (allow more time if you need to assemble anything) to check in, inspect, and place your items on the sales floor. We recommend you select a drop-off time but it is not mandatory. If you are checking in 50 items or more, you MUST make an appointment.

6) If you are new to Consignors Corner, we encourage you to take a minute to read our Consignors 101 Manual. It has plenty of tips and covers all the basics for preparing, pricing and hanging your items.

7) Tagging kits are still available. A tagging gun will save you time and make tagging your items a breeze 🙂 The kit includes a 1 tagging gun, 1 needle and 500 barbs. Cost is $30 (tax included)

Help spread the word about OutGROW OutPLAY! OutGROW OutPLAY has a Referral Rewards program that benefits EVERYONE. When you “Spread the Word” about OutGROW OutPLAY’s children’s sale events you earn CASH! When more people know about our sale, we all benefit by selling more of our merchandise.

Click here for OutGROW OutPLAY posters, flyers and referral cards. You can print them out, post them at work, email them to family and friends etc. .

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Melissa at saskatoon@outgrowoutplay.com or 230-4499.

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