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Earth Day, Earth Month…It’s Earth Day Every Day at Lavish & Lime! (Giveaway)

It seems like social media, and media in general, were all abuzz in April with Earth Day approaching. That’s all fine and good, but recognizing the importance of preserving our environment and loving our planet should be something we think about every day.

You guys know me, I’m not a super crunchy mama, I love my cleaning products and don’t scrutinize the ingredients in my makeup.  Still, I think we all can work to be more enviro-friendly and if we each work together in the best way we can with even little changes, the greater good to our planet is the benefit.


We were recently sent a Hopscotch Kids gift pack from Lavish & Lime for my daughter (4).  She looooves nail polish and I try to only use children’s nail polish on her delicate nails because I don’t want to damage them.  Nail polish has come a long way in recent years and my own favorite brands are a lot more friendly (to my nose and the environment!) but still, she should have her own polish.

Hopscotch Kids Water Colors Natural Nail Polish is water based! There’s no formaldehyde, phthalates or fd&c (toxic coloring) and you won’t damage those little nails resulting in yellowing, etc.  It’s also 100% biodegradable which is awesome – even though my favorite nail polish brands have come a long way I’m pretty sure they’re not biodegradable!

The set includes 2 polishes (Bubble Gum/Little Bo Peep or Teddy Bear/Ice Cream), 2oz Nail Polish Remover and a Buffer.

To prep nails you should use the remover to get rid of any residue and then use the Buffer to drive natural oils to the nail bed so the polish adheres better.  You can also use a crop of jojoba oil to nails to hydrate them first (nails on little kids will tend to be dry because of the amount of hand washing they, hopefully, do).

Apply 1-2 coats of polish and for best results Hopscotch Kids recommends painting nails before bed so the polish has time to fully adhere before your little one is off and running again.

Nevaeh loves her new polish – she sits and has the bottles talk to each other…whatever works for her I guess!

I’m happy because it took no time at all to give her a mini manicure, and I know that the product is safe.

A note – this is a water based nail polish so it’s not going to perform like the grown up nail polish we use.  It may chip sooner (some came off within the first 12 hours after we used it) but it takes 2 seconds to reapply a coat and her nails looked good as new.

You can find the Hopscotch Kids Gift Pack Box at Lavish & Lime for $37, or you can also buy Hopscotch Kids Water Colors Nail Polish separately for $13.50 each.  You can check out Lavish & Lime’s shipping rates here.

Lavish & Lime has generously offered my readers the opportunity to win a $50 GC to shop online!

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