Nickelodeon Favorites: Dance to the Music

My middle child (oh to have that title, sorry kid!) is definitely the performer in our family.  She just purchased a new microphone this weekend and she’s always singing or performing in some way.  So, when we received one of the latest DVD releases from Nickelodeon Favorites: Dance to the Music it was perfect for my little starlet!

With over 2 hours of musically filled episodes of kid’s favorite Nickelodeon shows, this DVD is perfect for singing along to on a road trip or dancing in the living room at home.

Episodes include:
Dora the Explorer- La Maestra de Musica
Team Umizoomi-Butterfly Dance
Bubble Guppies-We Totally Rock
Go Diego Go!-The Iguana Sing-Along
The Wonder Pets!-Save the Beetles/Fiddler Crab on the Roof
Ni Hao, Kai-Lan-The Ants Dance

This DVD was our introduction to Bubble Guppies – and now my daughter loves them! So, it’s nice to have compilation DVD’s like this to introduce kids to new characters instead of their usual favorites (and truthfully, mom needs some variety too!)

Look for Nickelodeon Favorites: Dance to the Music at your favorite online retailer or at a store near you February 28th, 2012!

1 of my readers is going to win a Nickeloldeon Favorites: Dance to the Music DVD!  To enter to win just share what your kid’s favorite Nickelodeon show is.

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  1. my daughter loves Bubble Guppies and is a big Dora fan too

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  3. My boy likes diego.

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  6. Our fave is Dora the Explorer.

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    We really enjoyed Rango here, it seemed to have a character that appealed to each of us.

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  12. As a parent I like Dora and as my girl likes Dora as well

  13. My daughter loves to dance! this is awesome!

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  16. Dora the Explorer in our house.

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  19. My grandson likes Diego.

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  25. Diego is my son’s favourite – of course.

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    My daughter loves the Bubble Guppies!

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  31. My son loves Wow Wow Wubzzy, Diego, and Bubble Guppies as his top 3! We’re Nick Jr freaks around here.

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  34. My daughters love Dora

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  38. Our favorite is Spongebob.

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  41. Our wee one love’s Dora the Explorer…hands down, Dora is her fav show!

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  46. Dora the Explorer.

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  48. my little girl just loves dora! and the bubble guppies are a new favourite too!

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  53. Loves dora

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  66. my niece loves dora

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  69. Wubbsy is a big favourite.

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    Bubble Guppies!

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  82. my 3 year old grandson loves go diego go

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